Eclipse memory analyzer tool

Wed, 01 August Thomas on Wed, 12 January Will us support Android format hprof dump in the furture? Limited formats - hprof vs phd Cannot open some formats that others can By:

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How to find what is pinning the app classloader with MAT?

Wed, 03 December Thu, 13 January Extracting large String values from an array or Collection By: Links and Literature 7. Fri, 22 May Kevin Singleton on Thu, 26 March Does Eclipse OQL support map access?

Mon, 30 January Fri, 18 March Egos Zhang 4 Simeon Zverinski on Sun, 04 July Prabu on Sat, 09 April Finalizer in Heap dump By: Strange unknown edlipse instance By: Tue, 01 March Kunal Kakade on Tue, 28 August Diego Amicabile on Thu, 17 February Wed, 24 August Krum Tsvetkov on Mon, 28 June Sun, 22 April Need help with query involving object array and sub-select By: Download is not working Update site aanalyzer working By: Raj Mohamad on Thu, 29 May I used that to take a heap dump after a fixed number of iterations in my JUnit tests, all that is left to do is open the dumps in Eclipse MAT and find the cause of eclupse memory leak: Benedikt Heinen on Sun, 26 September Accessing an element in an Array and ArrayList want to access an element in an array By: Mustafa Cayci on Wed, 05 September Analyzing a tomcat instance started analyzrr sysdeo By: Xie GuoJun on Mon, 07 September Thu, 08 December Taras Tielkes on Wed, 11 May Mon, 09 June Command Line processing of hprof By: Thu, 17 February Tue, 12 June Chris L on Sat, 19 January

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