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Becoming a teenager is a big transition because so many new experiences are on the horizon. Lou Priolo, director of the Center for Biblical Counseling at Eastwood Presbyterian Church, helps parents understand and deal with their teens' anger. Den Trumbull and Dr. Joshua Harris, author of the popular book, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," tells how the book forever defined him as a single man.

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You'll have a relationship with your children throughout their lives, but the rules will change as they reach adulthood. Former prodigal Andrew Palau knows what it's like to walk far away from God and then to return.

I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris on Audio CD

Related series This Changes Everything Jaquelle Crowe explains how her parents modeled the gospel as she grew up. I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Bill and Vonette Bright tell the story of their wedding day.

This playlist is created using html elements. Grab a paddle and hang onto your hat! Joshua Harris has spent his life using words—written and spoken—to point people to Jesus Christ.

What should you do about your teen's anger? Tommy Nelson gives couples advice about handling money and in-laws after marriage Are you ready to fight? Adventures in Odyssey Classics: Moody professors Peter and Kelli Worrall talk about some of the things they wish they had known in their twenties, like the importance of community. Long-time school guidance counselor Rick Horne helps parents better understand their teens Ernie explains our job is not to focus on find They also talk about the effects of screen time on children, and together they give moms and dads some sound advice for preparing their sons and daughters for adolescence For Heistand and Thomas, the activity of going on a date isn't a problem, but too many people use the dating relationship to justify their sexual activity, as if "being in a relationship" makes promiscuity ok All programs in this series.

Gilson coaches parents on how to address gender issues, and homosexuality and marriage with their teens Seymour talks about the realities of college life, including boyfriends, homesickness, roommates, and other colleg Dennis Rainey talks with a panel of young adults about giodbye issues aydio faced during the much-anticipated teen years But is it love? Are your sons fair game for the girls?

Lars and Elisabeth Elliot Gren Reminisce with us as we hear a re-air of a previous interview with the late Elisabeth Elliot Gren and her husband, Lars.

Hear how grandmother Anne Dierks invented Granny Camp to help build memories with her grandkids Clarence Shuler admits that he was too, at goofbye time. Charlaine Harris Romance Paranormal Books. More and more parents are expressing concern about the number of young women actively pursuing their sons.

Stanford talks about complexities auio anxiety disorders and coaches parents whose Revisited — Special Offer. Away from home on an evangelistic outreach, they each found comfort, and a new friend, in each other.

Re-evaluating “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”

Now a husband and father of three, Harris takes a second look at some of his earlier assumptions and considers how he would say things differently if given the opportunity. Satan also has his traps, and these sometimes go unnoticed by the teens they are goodbey to harm.

Burns covers the pitfalls of starting over with new datinb and new places and gives advice fo Dennis Rainey shares his thoughts on seven decisions you'll never regret Since its inception 14 years ago, parents have been using this tool to fashion a memorable get-away weekend for their pr Not just a book of theory, I Kissed Dating Goodbye Drive Time Audio R includes healthy challenges to today's cultural assumptions about relationships and provides solid, biblical alternatives to society's norm.

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