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Stark detects this and orders a landing team to search for the Doctor. The device can only be used by Rivesh Mantilax's DNA, and he is also the only one that can change the code to attack other beings, hence why Lord Azlok wanted it. The Doctor in the Vault comes across the Skorpius Flies , a carnivorous alien brain with alien flies hovering around it. The four androids are then destroyed Jimmy's Grandfather Night Eagle, who turns out to be familiar with aliens. The special was notable for including David Warner 's first role in a televised adventure of Doctor Who , who had until then only contributed his voice for audio adventures.

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It presents an amazing opportunity to expand the multiplatform storytelling potential of Doctor Who.

A furious Azlok vows that the Doctor's time will comethough the Doctor dismisses the warning of his impending death, before Azlok and the rest of the Viperox retreat and flee from Earth. He tells the story of how his people fought the Viperox and lost years before. Dreamland " Music of the Spheres ". David Warner is Lord Azlok. Meanwhile, in the Viperox lair Azlok gets the Viperox Queen to release her newly hatched brood, so that they will destroy the whole town.

On several occasions, Azlok 's head can be seen to actually pass through his shell, seemingly indicating a glitch in the collision detection code. After fleeing pursuing guards in a lift they are recaptured at the top of the lift shaft.

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Doctor Who returns later this year! Drea,land 2 Seeking refuge in the abandoned town of Solitude, Jimmy stumbles across a disconcerting discovery and the trio encounter Viperox royalty. Stark takes them back to Area 51 — along the way Night Eagle grimly notes, "Men like Stark don't save worlds. This is why Azlok tried to kill him.

Dreamland (Doctor Who) - Wikipedia

Jimmy catches and restrains Cassie, and the three of them run for their lives as the Viperox chases them. Azlok says he and Stark have formed an alliance. The End of Time.

The Doctor finds an extraterrestrial artefact which draws the attention of a mysterious man in black The Doctor and Saruba have to confront the mysterious alien force in the vault housing her space ship if they are to save her husband and stop Lord Azlok from rousing his sleeping army.

The special was notable for including David Warner 's first role in a televised adventure of Doctor Whowho had until then only contributed his voice for audio adventures. Stark detects this and orders a drewmland team to search for the Doctor.

In the nick of time, Seruba revives Rivesh. The Doctor leaves the weapon with Stark in case the Viperox ever return, and Stark warns them to keep quiet about the events. The monster turns out to be a Viperox battle-drone and is destroyed by a rocket from a USAF helicopter which arrives on the scene.

Stark taunts the captives for a short while before leaving the room. While he is distracting them, Cassie lets Jimmy free; the Doctor learns the Viperox have no interest in conquering Earth - they are merely hunting for an old enemy of theirs. The Doctor sets it to go and sets a trap for the vreamland Viperox. Remember, however, that this list only gives the first dreanland in which an episode from a series was broadcast. Some degree of artistic license is to be expected; the production intent is not really to give a perfect emulation of a live-action shot.

The Doctor and Seruba avoid the flies by escaping in the crate ddeamland the Doctor had counted his steps when they walked in; 'Always count your steps. Rivesh tells the doctor that his wife Seruba Velak is the alien the Doctor, Cassie, and Jimmy found earlier, who had crash-landed in ; her ship was attacked by mercenaries paid to ensure she could not reach negotiations intended to create an alliance against the Viperox.

Seruba says there is something in the ship that could revive him. Award-winning channel CBBC also further reinforced its commitment to British animation as it announced that online portal Cartoon Works is expanding to become a new destination to premiere short-form content from the Dctor animation industry. David Tennant, unusual amongst other Doctors, began and ended on special episodes, not regular ones.

With only an hour until sunset and the Viperox's impending attack, the Doctor, Cassie, Jimmy, Seruba, and Stark arrive at the vault.

Doctor Who: Dreamland (TV Mini-Series ) - IMDb

You may be looking for the Sarah Jane Smith audio story or the base nicknamed "Dreamland". Before the Doctor can find out the identity of their target, Cassie, who has freed Jimmy, effects an escape by starting a fire with an oil lamp.

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