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Pit your rocket powered [Xbox Live Arcade] Hydro Thunder Hurricane is the all new, full-featured sequel to the arcade racer. Retrieved January 23, Microsoft Studios licensed the game from Warner, and as you can imagine Microsoft is not generally all that gung-ho about making games for the PlayStation.

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He also gave high marks to the game's two new boats, as well as the addition of refitted Expert class versions of the game's Novice and Pro boats. HTH is a blast to play, with tons of offline thunedr events that offer an awesome challenge no, really, this game gets difficult to even veteran Hydro Thunder players.

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There is also multiplayer which pretty much explains itself. Hkrricane August 24, After six months a working prototype was pitched to several publishers.

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The water effect is realized in a fantastic way, with the right amount of movement and the perfect reaction to every single kind of interaction. The demo showed off the game's controls and our new fluid dynamic system.

Retrieved March 22, J2 Games and Vector Unit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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A patch was released September 9, to fix issues in the game. If you have RealPlayer or RealDownloader installed, it may be sending hidden and unwanted traffic to our servers. Some of the jumps are sick.

Up to four players can complete via splitscreen against each other and twelve AI competitors. You fill up boost meters, draft rivals, and pull off huge jumps. The remaining boats on each team try to protect their team's duck while keeping the other team's at bay, with the winning team being first to get their duck across the finish line. It's the oddball moments, as when a Nordic ship pulls up behind you and begins ramming your boat for no apparent reason, that give Hurricane the irreverent momentum that makes it worthy of a download.

They felt that given they would have to update all of the assets and that they had already built the water system, the decision was made to continue building the title from the ground up.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Xbox Reviews - Metacritic

Stays true hudro the heart of thinder original, but adds tons of new stuff and the water is totally awesome! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Matt Small Of Vector Unit". See all 56 Critic Reviews. Retrieved October 26, The game also adds three additional single-player game modes in which to compete.

Critics generally praised the varied qualities of the different boats, the diverse arcade-style courses, and the game's overall replay value. Throw in some new single player and multiplayer modes, Hydro Thunder Hurricane will keep you racing until your fingers fall off.

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Hydro Thunder is good fun for a couple of hours, especially if you play it with a bunch of friends, either online or offline. Retrieved August 31, Vector Unit held a contest from August 14 to 23, allowing consumers to design a skin for their favorite boat. This is to create a more aggressive race, and to allow those with less skill to enjoy racing along with more competitive players. Pit your rocket burricane speedboat against 15 opponents in single-player races and championships.

Hurricane continues the Thunder series tradition of hidden shortcuts and alternate routes in courses.

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