Blast from the past

Stay up to date on new reviews. But this movie's eyes, Adam's, are awfully twinkly and not too focused. Julie Zelman as Mother.

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But not that bad I guess.

Adult Written by pzst dove December 28, The next morning after successfully locating the pub containing the elevator as well as a full congregation of destitute people hanging onto Melcher's every wordAdam returns to Eve's house, where she is waiting with a mental health professional named Dr. I think those are probably the best part. Silverstone is good, engagingly grouchy but Fraser is indeed a blast.

A blast from the past - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Dave Foley as Troy. He and Eve kiss, but when Adam tells her the ffrom about his past and states that he wants to take her to be his wife "underground", she asks him to leave. For kids who love to laugh. Mary Ann Hermanson as Heather.

The diner which frm becomes a pub is shown throughout the s, 70s, and 90s, as the neighborhood deteriorates from suburban to inner city ghetto complete with abandoned graffiti-marked buildings, adult bookstores, and oast homeless, prostitutes, and addicts as its residents. Troy later returns home alone and explains to Eve that Adam went home with Sophie.

A plane crashes into a house: Blast from rfom Past is a highly enjoyable movie about a nice young guy named Adam Brendan Fraser who grew up with his hilarious parents in a bomb shelter unde When the locks open inCalvin is so shocked to see how the world has changed believing it to be a post-apocalyptic wasteland populated by irradiated mutantshe decides the family must stay underground.

He meets Eve Alicia Silverstone who is at first annoyed and bewildered by his innocence and old-fashioned frpm, but then charmed by them. It's pleasant enough, with Fraser's goofy charm particularly winning.

Cute idea, but not consistently funny.

Blast from the Past

Ann Ryerson as Blsat Guest No 1. View All Critic Reviews In the s, characters frequently consume alcohol -- there are scenes in a psychedelic bar, a saloon, and a restaurant.

Dead Angel Super Paxt. Having built a shrine above the elevator shaft, Melcher now worships Calvin and the elevator, with Adam's words of encouragement to him being mistaken as affirmation of his new religion. The star rating reflects overall quality and learning potential. The literally sheltered Adam falls for this bitter, cynical, street-smart woman who grew up in a bleak Los Angeles with little use for love.

Our ratings are based on child development best practices. Bill Stevenson as Workman No.

Calvin Webber Christopher Walkenan eccentric scientist who like so many people at the time, thinks that a nuclear war between the U. Calvin taught his son about science, baseball, and communists while Mom taught Adam about dancing, good fhe, and charming young ladies. And there's lots of drinking in both decades. He tells Adam not to mention this to Helen. And Blast From The Past -- two films inconveniently rolled into one creaking rom-com -- blastt as bad as it gets.

Blast From The Past

A prostitute in drag offers services to the innocent Adam -- he's oblivious. Rod Britt as Hotel Desk Clerk. Blast From the Past Carmen More as Sophie. One of Alicia's best.

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