Artificial girl 3 clothing

Then, I downloaded it useless. The ninth tab controls the females voice, personality, birth date, and name. The player is limited to actions such as going download doors, having sex with the female characters, calling the characters, sleeping, and sitting down. I don't think they look that similar to those in Rapelay so I decided to tweak them a little bit.

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Artificial Girl 3: Clothing Editor

Got lazy on Aoi's erotic outfit. If file you want to download is multipart you can use our Link checker to check whether multiple download links are cloothing active before you start download.

And the Wiki links. Contents [ show ]. Register now and use it for free.

Artificial Girl 3 [ edit ]. Textures in tga format can also add areas of full or semi transperancy making the final peice see through or effectively remove parts of the model.

The last tab modifies bows, backpacks, tails, and neck attire.

Artificial Girl 3 user-made clothing - Hgames Wiki

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Add a page. I'll leave mine up for posterity, only because the file sizes are tiny, but really encourage anyone interested in RL to grab his set at the bottom of this page.

Changed girl's favorite numbers and form of address this was really just for me. The difference between the two textures are the rendering order.

Last edited by jeckyll ; Then, I have a suggestion: Couldn't think of anything more fitting than her default wear. Originally posted by Warakia View Post.

[Illusion][AG3] Artificial Girl 3 Character and Clothing Upload Thread

The counter tells the room the female character is in and the mood status. The Artificial Miniskirt mod has 2 custom textures, the clothing and the miniskirt.

No "Thank you gil your hard work" or unnecessary posts. The second tab allows the player to modify skin tones, pubic hair color and density, clothes sun tans. In this state, girls with and type of personality trait will enter into a specific sex-mode.

Two characters from Illusion's Rapelay: Type s Video Game. Third tab modifies gloves, socks, and shoes. I also made Manaka although she doesn't really look like the real one since all the girl has the same height! And it not only affected Clorhing but also Clothingg Kanojo. Last edited by sodomysam ; Lewd, not a virgin, likes to cook. The keys in artificial clothing is similar to the ones for creating the female character.


Retrieved from " http:. Last edited by Dramakus ; textures, Retrieved girl " http: Figured I'd add it in just to give more clothing options. Last edited by fhc ; Download the list there are 8 character boxes where the player can add clothing for artificial female to wear during the day, an alternative day clothing, a artificil clothing, a sleep attire, clothes bath attire, a cute attire, an sexy attire, and an erotic attire. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Add a page.

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