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I migrate from Windows to mac, and still quite lost, I have been looking all over for help on cracks and instructions. Did you edit your host file as discussed above? I hope someone can help me.

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My copy of CS4 installed fine, but now when I open any of the programs, I get a day countdown message to deactivate the product from one computer because it's already on two other computers.

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I do not believe it is possible to change to a different language. Now that the old registry entries for cs4 have been removed, you next have to browse to C: How do I fix that? I'm a newb when it comes to patches, cracks, and things like this.

What can I do now? You Guy's Rock My World!! I tried everything short of reinstalling Windows XP.

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Discs are near mint. Adobe checks the system and then tells me that I must insert a disc in order to continue. I also have problems using cs4. Type in program name then megaupload right after and you will see verrsion listings. I've confirmed that the amdlit. CS3 needed a 2 step activation I tried to install my student copy of adobe web standered Dreamweaver CS3 to my laptop without deactivating from the CP which it was install first. If not, how can I block the activation server?

The programs work except for not being able to save or make pdfs. Can someone mail me the serials for Illustrator CS4 English version Did you edit your host file as discussed above? But strangely none of this happened on my old hard drive. The package adlbe licensed for two computers. I need a new key now If possible I would like to have some help.

Condition is Brand New. Use a program for osx called gasmask - just google it. Any help is appreciated. I do not believe there are any updates that important that will affect any of your works. So far, with that single entry, no problems. trizl

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I put in the serial and the program ran and works. What else do you think is the error? I can only see fragments in this thread but no solutions. Shadeyman, got the torrent download, however there are a couple of issues Any help would be appreciated.

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Please guys, hope anyone can help me. I have followed the steps but everytime I start any of the programs the license agreement page opens up and I have to check accep or decline before it starts.

I had no problems loading and seems to be working. Has anyone got any ideas?

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