A hora do pesadelo 2010

Columbus late-night legend Fritz The Nite Owl will host a 30th anniversary screening of A Nightmare On Elm Street, complete with host segments and vintage commercial breaks. Jackie Earl Haley as the new Freddy Krueger is pretty good, and does a great voice to go with his performance Just saw this movie today. It's cliched, boring, and anticlimactic.

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Freddy's back -- and he's slicker and more sinister than ever. The acting is terrible, but what do you expect from a teen horror remake.

For all u morons who take this movie way to serious and personal, grow up it.

Dreadful remake of Wes Craven's horror masterpiece. TehIrishSoap Nov 9, Kyle Gallner as Quentin. A Nightmare On Elm Street: He looks like Lord Voldemort's Asian brother. Tania Randall as Nurse. Given the source material, and the jora in special effects, a remake of "A Nightmare On Elm Street", should have been a slam dunk. With few exceptions Freddy Krueger is just going around killing teens in their dreams and that's the gist of the plot.

Jason Brandstetter as County Jail Cop. This is my world.

Freddy Krueger - A Hora do Pesadelo - Video Dailymotion

Though it's not as creepy as the orignal the story telling is better. This version is just a mess and doesn't deliver the scares the way the original did.

R for strong bloody horror violence, disturbing images, terror and language. JustinJ May 1, The biggest complaint I have is that instead of using atmosphere and the terror of the unseen, the movie employs a cheap strategy of constantly resorting to jump scares, which become less and less effective as the film goes on.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

While the film has aged, its now-familiar jolts still pssadelo more punch than this pic's recycled ones, which sometimes register so tepidly as to cause snickers. September 7, Rating: The first thing I say is always see something for yourself, I might not like it but you might.

In this version Nancy just looks all goth and looks like she doesn't like anybody or anything. This isn't good because the back story makes you feel bad for the man's disturbia, you're not sure what he is and what he did and that pesadeol it awkward and weird. Uk Autoplay On Off. By that standard, this new "Nightmare" is a fairly decent effort.

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It's the Bay touch you feel in the way actors register as body count, characters go undeveloped, and sensation trumps feeling. Visually faithful but lacking the depth and subversive twists that made the original so memorable, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake lives up to its title in the worst possible way. How does the upcoming "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake compare with the And you can't ever leave. I know it's a remake, but if you don't add something new then the movie is just dull.

Just saw this movie today.

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Scott Lindvall as Paramedic.

Part of the Collection: Great reintroduction of a classic.

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