Drug wars the camarena story

But first of all, it was a tragedy. The series airs at a time when American sensitivity to the illicit drug trade has probably never been higher. It's about the way the world is now.

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Marcello, who has been with the DEA since It's a tightrope act without a net. And this was like their own drug-trafficker FAA for their planes coming in and reloading and moving into the southern United States.

It's about the way the world is now. The Camarena Story later starred in the Academy Award -winning film Traffica film that also deals with the subject of the ongoing drug trade between the United States and Mexico.

Fact-based story of undercover Stody agent Enrique Camarena who, while stationed in Guadalajarauncovered a massive marijuana operation in Northern Mexico that led to his death and a remarkable investigation of corruption within the Mexican government.

Shannon said she felt the series was not a plea for any specific approach to the drug problem.

Drug Wars: The Camarena Story (VHS, 2003)

The current DVD release features a heavily edited version that runs only minutes. He said, 'You don't understand. The series has a look, feel and sound that is highly reminiscent of "Miami Vice. Elizabeth Pena, who will be featured as the secretary in the upcoming series "Shannon's Deal," portrays Camarena's widow, Mika, left with three sons, who pleads with his fellow agents not to let her husband become just another number, an anonymous casualty in the war on drugs.

At least four of the principal actors in Drug Wars: Local Mexican police were said to be part of the abduction, and there appeared to be an official coverup. And the series was based on drjg written by Shannon, a correspondent in Time magazine's Washington bureau.

The Camarena case has come to represent the deep tangle of corruption that has grown up around the drug industry. Pages using infobox television with alias parameters Pages using infobox television with editor parameter All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June It's the most compelling story I've ever seen.

For us, this is a national security matter. Something sinister is going on -- at the outset you're not sure just what -- and you half expect Crockett and Tubbs to step from the shadows and sort things out. It was the second most watched NBC mini-series of the year following The Kennedys [ citation needed ] and was followed up in with Drug Wars: The series opens with a narrator describing the role of DEA agents: American Crime Story It's not about the way the the world might be or the way it should be.

Drug Wars: The Camarena Story Movie Trailer, Reviews and More | TV Guide

It has been a cover story in Time magazine, and it has been a book by Elaine Shannon, titled "Desperados," with a telling subtitle: The series airs at a time when American sensitivity to the illicit drug trade has probably never been higher. Tom Brown's Schooldays Columbo: It also comes at a time when the United States' relations with drug-producing nations south of our border have been tense -- tensions that led cqmarena invasion of Panama last month.

Marcello praised Camarena's work and noted the special dangers that he faced. Lawmen, and the War America Can't Win. Kevin Krasny Skip Schoolnik. The series depicts the work of a few men in desperate straits working against long, if not impossible, odds.

Drug Wars: The Camarena Story - Wikipedia

The series introduces a cast of knights without armor: O'Connor wrote, "Perhaps not surprisingly, these amoral entrepreneurs provide some of the film's juicier roles. Films directed by Brian Gibson. We don't expect to go into a country in a liaison situation and camafena our agents targeted and fingered by the police that they're supposed to be working with.

All three parts originally ran for four hours. Turn on desktop notifications?

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