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The units had a robust motherboard in a spacious case, reminiscent of the BBC Micro , and so were more tolerant of home-modification than some of their contemporaries, which often had their components crammed into the smallest possible space. Dragon 32 and 64 computers. Manufacturing variances mean that not all Dragons are able to function at this higher speed, and use of this POKE can cause some units to crash or be unstable, though with no permanent damage. In the early s, the British home computer market was booming. A Dragon 32 home computer.

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The systems are sufficiently similar that a significant fraction of the compiled software produced for one machine will run on the other.

This effectively locked it out of the then-blooming educational market. This article about an IT-related or software-related company or corporation is a stub.

The company was originally set up by a Toy Company called Mettoyand after initial good sales looked to have a bright future. Retrieved from " https: BYTE wrote in January that the Dragon 32 "offers more feature for the money than engish of its [British] competitors", but "there's nothing exceptional about it". The machines came in both 32KB and later 64KB versions.

Dragon Data

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In the private home computer market, where games were a significant driver, the Dragon suffered because its graphical capabilities were inferior to contemporary machines such snglish the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro.

Inevitably, with Delta's head start, software was marketed in either system, but rarely both. As a result of these limitations, the Dragon was not a commercial success, and Dragon Data collapsed in June A minor difference between the two Dragon models is the outer case colour; the Dragon 32 is beige drabon the 64 is light grey.

New machines were released almost monthly.

Dragon 32/64

Views Read Edit View history. It is also impossible to use standard printing commands to print text on the graphical modes, causing software development difficulties.

Due to the limited graphics modes of the Dragon, converted games had a distinctive appearance with colour games being usually played on a green or white background rather than the more common black on other systems or games with high definition graphics having to run in black and white. When the system was discontinued, support from software companies also effectively ended. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dragon Data - Wikipedia

However, Entlish continued supporting the Dragon until January The Dragon uses analogue joysticks, unlike most systems of the time which used less versatile but cheaper digital systems. A Dragon 32 home computer. At its high point it entered negotiations with Rexnord's Tano Drabon to form a North American branch. Software running via the built-in Basic interpreters also has a high level of compatibility, but only after they are re- tokenizedwhich can be achieved fairly easily by transferring via cassette tape with appropriate options.

Eurohard also suffered financial problems and went into receivership a couple of years later after the release of the Dragon The model numbers reflect the primary difference between the two machines, which have 32 and 64 kilobytes 32, and 65, bytes of RAMrespectively.

Initially, the Dragon was reasonably well supported by the major UK software companies with versions of popular games from other systems being ported to the Dragon.

Dragon 32/64 - Wikipedia

A magazine, Dragon Useralso began publication shortly after the machine's launch. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

POKE ,0 pushes the speed yet higher but the display is lost until a slower speed is restored. Retrieved from " https: Each mode has two possible colour palettes.

Retrieved 19 October Unfortunately, these are rather garish and cause the system to fare poorly in visual comparisons datw other home computers of the time. Dragon Data Defunct computer hardware companies Defunct technological companies of the United Kingdom Defunct companies of Wales Home computer hardware companies Computer companies of the United Kingdom Computer companies established in Computer companies disestablished in establishments in Wales disestablishments in Wales Manufacturing companies of Wales Computer hardware stubs Information technology company stubs.

Manufacturing variances mean that not all Dragons are able to function at this higher speed, and use of this POKE can cause some units to crash or be unstable, though with no permanent damage. These systems only made it to the prototype stage before the business went into receivership and was sold on to the Spanish startup Eurohard in The history of Dragon Data in the period englih was a chequered one.

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