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It's very nice application and work well, but a little yet annoying problem happens to me If you want to go to the parent folder you have to use the breadcrumbs bar. Fantastic tune up for my Win7, thank you Ioan The Best reviewed classicshell: I originally bought 5, which now makes it available for 25!

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I have StartW8 on the two Windows 8. To say it was a gem is an understatement. It was very difficult to get used to the interface windows 7, but this program is correct it! I use its Classic Explorer function to hook to a good third party filesystem search program to replace the execrable VistaW7W8 filesystem search.

Popular Start menu replacement Classic Shell is dead

Or the cascading "Programs" list? Martin Brinkmann Mike Turcotte.

I really hate the default menu in win7 So you save my rt7lite win7 install with classic shellDecember 01,7: I have other hobbies that demand clssicshell time, some related to software and some not.

It started back in as a simple weekend project and over time grew to be a hugely popular software brand with many millions of downloads.

This was successful in my endeavor to restore that old and familiar Start Menu not the new Metro Start Menu, the old one since Windows 3. Sad news but I will not be moving to Win10 so not a problem.

Microsoft's attempts to make my computer stupid and unusable may continue; however, Classic Shell not only makes it usable again Classic Shell began as a tool for personal use, [11] and saw its first public release in I tell everyone about classic shell.

Classic Shell brings the Start menu to Windows 8 for free".

Is Classic Shell dead? Developer quits - gHacks Tech News

If you wanted those things you would have already bought them, and you did; makes no sense unless users are just cranking click pumps.

Thank you very very much. IE and Edge are a pain to use. Jessie Jacques reviewed classicshell: Been doing it that way for the last year now. I've resisted moving away from Windows XP for years since the new Windows menu is so incredibly annoying.

These include showing the menu next sourcefodge the taskbar when it is vertical, multi-monitor support, launching multiple programs at once, custom shutdown-related actions, Universal app launching, expanding any file folder as cascading menus, and additional keyboard shortcuts.

Is Classic Shell dead? Developer quits

Retrieved 20 September It has a variety of advanced features: Microsoft has adopted a "change for change's sake" attitude towards UI which is killing productivity and enjoyment for their classicshell. Ann said on December 6, at Microsoft is making you their slaves.

Algernon Mcdougall reviewed classicshell: May 21st, - Beta version 4. Steve Hare said on December 4, at 7: It's unfortunate that MS did not include it with Windows 7 really, how hard would it have been to include this option?

Sophie said on December 4, at 7: Very stable so far.

Reginald Babin reviewed classicshell: Best Windows 10 apps this week. Or turn it into a Windows virtual machine and run it from within Linux.

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