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Retrieved April 3, Multiple translation issues across the whole game. Once they come to terms with themselves with the help of the Eight Masters, they atone by backing out of revenge at the expected moment, because by the end of it all they had no right to judge anybody.

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May 20, NA: The "p2w trove" events are doable as f2p player by exchaging gold for hm coins which mom done by alot of people to full extent. After that IF patch hit with the new souls and the new emperor weapon and all these new stuff, that some people upgraded to in less than 2 hours after maintenance, I just got really dissapointed, it would take me months to reach what they reached in a few hours.

The P2W element feels more invasive in this game as well for PvE.

Views Read Edit View history. It's one of the main reason I play this game. I just started tree of saviour but I'm waiting on bless and dauntless. Even though classes are imbalanced right now, I still have fun testing my own PvP skills against other players in a gear equalized environment. Blade and Soul Those 3 games have incredible ajd, I know there has to be more incredible stories in MMO's out there, but as consistent as those 3 games?

I did a pay dauntless alpha, can't say it gripped me in its early stages. Not so great PvE. Once they come to terms with themselves with the help of the Eight Masters, they atone by backing out of revenge at the expected moment, because by the end of it all they had no right to judge anybody. Just to get to max level and have to put in 12hr a day grinding and be no where near top gear that's just viable. Even "Jinsoyun seizing the Talus throne" is blasphemy; Yunma Kahn never wanted to rule in the first place as he says at the end of Act 4 and lost all motivation when his wife died, and so entrusted Jinsoyun with it.


I think the western version of the game doesn't give JSY a fair character development as it just plainly paints her as the main villain, even through I know through later acts, she gets to be reborn as a child and the MC starts the journey all over again except this time to protect her on her way growing up. What I said is another way of phrasing that.

Pretty grindy, legendary accesories are only droppable from certain dungeons, so you'll end up doing them on repeat until you drop them and actually win the bid on them. Others refer to p2w as something that you can only buy with real life money, and isn't farmable.

Blade & Soul

Ping is a huge issue and affects the gameplay A LOT. This is coming from someone with years of experience in both.

One thing I am still sort of confused, what is Mushin's true purpose through all this? It's like they weren't even trying.

Blade & Soul - Wikipedia

Want to add to the discussion? Over the weekend I've enjoyed making a Warden and attempting to level it to the max. I'm going to start one and play it through end game so I want to be sure. The Warden uses a giant sword to protect its allies as they take down enemies around them.

I think back to Maplestory days, I wouldn't give blaxe damn about fighting monsters that respawned over and over in the same area just to hit some levels; that was the definition of grind and I spent hours a day just "training".

Only 6v6 is p2w and unfair. They are basically the highest advancement of some skills. Just the thought of leveling through Cinderlands and Silverfrost again is enough to keep me away for now. Only other mmo that beats it hands down is FF Just on and on and on.

I have played BnS on vlade off for 2 years, but never went through any toon to the story. Weekly Scheduled Discussions The following topics are posted weekly. Infinity Strike Witches Red Garden: Basically you can do everything and get everything for free. She never truly abandoned her morals, and everything that everyone tells you about her is pretty much nothing but propaganda.

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