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Scrapbook lets you piece together postcard-type collages from wallpapers, photos and stickers in the form of whatever shots you've taken on the camera plus some interesting little bits of comic book style clip art. This time, however, it notified me that an update for one of my favorite cloud and utlity applications was available. Skip to main content.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Apps: 8 great free downloads

The app unfortunately isn't yet working on the Z10, but if you have a PlayBook and are itching to get at your Spotify tunes - this one's for You can rate songs, view bios and lyrics, and create custom stations based on the artists and songs you like.

Destroy enemy spaceships by launching projectiles through galactic-environments with varying levels of gravitational pull. Still, better than a fin in the eye from wet salmon. The audio - like birds in a jungle - is a bit repetitive though. Adventure or arcade games are always a blast to play but give me a challenging strategy word game and I'll be hooked for hours.

Adam Zeis 5 years ago Once you select a "station" in a subgenre - like house or punk - you can stream the best and most recent songs on the device.

What is Microsoft Windows 10 in S Mode? The PlayBook keyboard is responsive enough for typing even longer documents, and makes a typing noise, but does not use haptics to buzz when you press a key.

Still, for business users who need to make a quick spreadsheet and calculate some expenses or work on your basic accounting, Sheet to Go is a helpful app. How many levels before you call it quits? I am a heavy Twitter user and the first thing I install on most gadgets is a good app to use the service. The best free apps for your PlayBook.

How to quickly delete your Google search data. Navita is my favorite translator app on a variety of mobile platforms, including the PlayBook tablet.

You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services. No need to be creative to make them look good and even quite a nice way to document a daytrip or such. Free sort of Rating: The idea of the game is that you start with a grid of coloured squares which you have to turn all the same colour by switching the shade of just the one in the top corner.

Mix and match various images on your tree, add pre-loaded blackberey, swap out backgrounds and more, to create and save your own custom scrapbook pages. On the blackbrrry, it all gets a bit much once you start drilling down into individual tweets and profiles.

Download To be fair though, the app still lets you do just about anything you could possibly want with your Twitter life and it still manages to maintain a sexy charcoal background.

But Gravity Burst Lite sucked me in after just a minute or two of play. The app delivers the game just how you'd expect, and though alternative Solitaire apps with more features and customization options are already available for the PlayBook in App World, this version won't cost you a dime, and it works just like a charm. It handles audio and video podcasts nicely, and I use it all the time.

Of course, what starts as a neat trick turns into something that actually makes the game 10 times harder. Microsoft's new Battery Limit: The PlayBook does not support turn-by-turn navigation out of the box, but the Bing app provides very detailed street-level maps.

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Download The UI has a decent split between menus and content, an uncluttered feel and a sexy grey charcoal background. The arrival of some Android apps in the store is a nice benefit, although RIM doesn't make it easy to discover those in the market.

Does the Pixel Slate have what it takes to stand its ground?

Download Connect 5 Whether it's a question of copyright or whether it's just a way to make the game all the harder, we don't know, but Connect 5 on the BlackBerry PlayBook is a tactical battle betwixt man and machine the like of which we've never before seen. As of today the developers of Pacemaker have reset the timers on the free trial version of their application. Is your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet filled with photos?

You shoot birds up into a grid, making sure to match the right colors.

Presumably, one could hook it up to playboik system and get a decent recording of what you put together or, at worst, you could just use it for composing a beat for later while out and about.

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