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Links to Friends of Mineral Town to unlock content in both. In Another Marlin's personality is changed so he's less of a jerk and more of a very distant and shy dude who just comes off as troubled. One day, I went to see him. If he becomes a farmer or a rancher, he will take over the family farm, although he can not marry. Any crops you plant will remain the same if the story jumps to a few years.

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It's the only time they ever mention a harvest goddess in this game, and afterwards the topic is never brought up. March 16, EU: Harvesy this chapter, lasting two years, the player's son is a teenager and wants to be independent.

Originally, it was thought you could only get this with Muffy or Nami, until further experimenting proved that Celia too can be divorced if you put absolutely zero effort into both your family and farm work. If you break Celia's heart, then she, Vesta, and especially Marlin will never forgive you.

Retrieved February 11, Be careful during the toddler stage, because if you set mon down while walking around the village, they may not return home on their own. Lumina, Hugh, Kate, and your child end up being this at one point or another.

Neither is the one on Romana's property.

As the Darker and Edgier black sheep of the franchise, it has a lot of mature references when it comes to romance, especially when it comes to Muffy. The downside to this is that it isn't always exciting to talk to townsfolk.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - IGN

He's got no time to play with Mommy now The most common causes of this issue are: Emuparadise Advertise on EP! In this chapter, the player may play at any pace or chapter they wish. No matter who you choose to marry, two or three girls will end up having a life much worse than they would have if you married them.

It's free, easy and feels damn good! For starters, share this page with your friends. In this game, the player goes through the storyline of A Wonderful Life as a female character, and can court and marry one of three male NPCs, Marlin, Rock, and Gustafa.

Harvest Moon, A Wonderful Life: Marriage, Dating and The Girls | Rambling Fox Gaming Reviews

If you raise a girl to all four hearts and see all of their events, and then marry someone elseyou will see a scene where the haarvest comes to your house at night to give you a good verbal beat down. Nami's hair was straight in the first game, while later games have it being messy though some official artwork had her with messy hair early on.

Everything else, whether it's tools, housing additions, or animals, is bought by mail order through Takakura. You can see all of a girl's heart events and then marry someone else. Muffy is heavily influenced by Eve from the original game.

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Rock, who is slightly more so in Another Wonderful Life. Some have died, and the player's son is now certain of his career, and can no longer be swayed. Celia is apparently in one, although it doesn't get any mention at all if you don't see her heart events.

Muffy is a bit older than your character, being in her thirties. Too much time at the farm means you're neglecting friends and family or vice versa. On the chicken side of things, you can now own roosters.

Older Than She Looks: If you blow off all the marriage candidates in year one or mismanage the farm so badly that you drive awll spouse to take the kid and leave, you get a game over.

Vesta's light-haired, brash, friendly, huge, and strong. Galen has moved, and now lives in a shack on hill beside Vesta's farm. Animal care now requires more than a hug and enough money to buy the animals you need. Also, the animals have to be moved indoors, lest they get sick. The way that cutscenes work in this game tends mon unintentionally cause this.

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