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As mentioned above, remember there are two aspect rations standard and the widescreen and for this reason you ought to select the one that best suites your project for the best viewership experience. Students Click Here Join Us! I would greatly appreciate some assistance. The All option populates 7. If you find that you are unable to view any of your drop zones and graphics, chances are the setting is disabled.

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How to Download & Use iDVD Themes and Create DVD Menu with Its Alternative

Then you can crop, trim, rotate, apply effects, add subtitle and more on the video as you like. The Create Project dialog window opens. However, you can use this direct link from Apple: First, ensure that the theme motion is turned on and click on the main template to reveal the default theme.

It still started up, however, so I wrote it off as a minor annoyance, and continued working. The feature is added to the theme. Click the Menu tab and choose your favorite one for your DVD from the right panel. Apart from the DVD templates, you can also change the chapter frame by clicking the arrow button. Then choose Create a New Project option on the initial interface to begin with. Burn Image to DVD.

Fortunately, there are numerous iDVD themes to choose from when creating your project and for this reason your project can look appealing and unique. Can anyone think of anything I have not tried yet? Use the following instructions to learn how to download them. Following further suggestions, I attempted to remove the program entirely, and reinstall from the iLife '08 disc.

From the project menu, choose add text option and drag it to the ideal location, click around the area and type. Mac OS X There is an easy to access shortcut menu that you can use to add submenus, movies, and slideshows to your theme.

iDVD themes | Mac Forums

Jul 24, 8: I've even tried an outside disc maintenance program named Onyx, and it was unable to repair these permissions, either. Other people online suggested that the issue could be tehmes the themes from early programs. Aug 26, 4: You can even customize further with image, music, text parameters. Aug 5, 4: It's easy to join and it's free.

Free Trial Free Trial. They are archived and are no longer updated by Apple, but you maybe able to get some useful information to solve icvd problem. Every iDVD comes with default audio, which can be altered, to your own selection. In the media section, select AudioPhotosor Movies that you idbd like to insert in your theme. I guess I'm a little dense. You can only turn them on and off.

Close this window and log in.

If you thought the above step was it, then you are wrong. Alternatively, acquire the theemes DVD pack and run a fresh installation or reinstallation of the same. As I said before the only sure way to get all themes is from an iLife 09 disk. The main template looks like this.

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