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Phil Hubbs Super Reviewer. The Meltdown is still an entirely serviceable follow-up to the hit that will thoroughly amuse kids and get a rise or two out of parents as well. The film premiered in Belgium on March 1,

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Ice Age: The Meltdown

Manny and Diego move on to find that Fast Tonya local armadillo con artist, with the help of his assistant Stuis attempting to convince the other animals to buy river reeds from him, claiming that the the world will soon flood over and that by purchasing his products they might survive.

Ice Age Ice Age: As before, Scrat again voiced by Chris Wedge, who this time did not direct steals the show.

Here, they get better and better. The jokes range from almost tolerable to just okay but the film has a slow pace, not interesting new characters, John Leguizamo has gone from funny to annoying, the mini sloths are obnoxious as all hell, and the love story between Manny and Ellie is not interesting or compelling at all.

Voices are all the same which is good continuity. Predictably this entails the same kind of japes that we saw in the first film but merely with new mammals to join in. They fought the thaw, and the thaw won. As Manny goes with Diego to the top of the waterfall to save Sid, from his act of te, they discover jce the pleasant weather caused the inner-layers ice of the valley's giant, bowl shaped glacier to melt. By far the worst characters in the new film and always a mistake to go down that route.


June 24, Full Review…. Latifah is a pleasant surprise as 'Ellie' with her quite soothing peaceful voice but all the other characters are more generic, annoying, forgettable and merely filler for the background. The film received generally positive reviews from the general public and fans of the first film. The Meltdown Film Information. As Sid and Diego walk off together, seemingly down trodden, realizing Manny is gone for good, Manny and Ellie, with Crash and Eddie, surprise the two as the mammoths reveal that they have decided to remain together as a herd.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (video game) - Wikipedia

None take the sloth seriously, to his dismay, and Sid wanders off to find another means of earning respect. I like how they use the realtime events in Earth's ancient history as guidelines for the continuing adventures in this franchise.

During the same evening of this cameo, Sid was hosting the entire FOX line-up, showing up in intermittent times between commercials. The Meltdown ". The other animals are at the mercy of the water currents.

Within the ice, unseen by the animals, are two frozen sea reptiles named Cretaceous and Maelstrom. MannySid and Diego are among the animals at the waterpark, with Sid attempting to earn respect from his peers by starting up a day camp for young animals. The Meltdown is a considerable improvement over its predecessor The fourth film, Ice Age: Ice Age — Rio —present. However, I do like the sequels. The storyline wanes towards the end and, from the kids' point of view, the whole package lacks momentum.

Gregory Romano as Start Boy No. Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Part of the Collection: Retrieved February 14, This game received mixed reviews from critics.

April 20, Rating: Fox aired promotions for the film throughout the evening.

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