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Im interested in buses, like playing simulators and has been recommended for me to play as some of my friends have this game - Simply for the fun. European Bus Simulator 1. This game is a very complete demo simulator for it's genre, that users may love. Driving the bus and controlling the entire bus. In the start,you will choose your bus and the line to drive on and you have to respect the other lines since other buses are using these lines and once you see a bus coming and you are on its line,you can not make a faster decision of going back to your lines since you will have to take something like a sharp corner to get back and this may lead to you rolling knowing that the bus is so easy to roll since it does not have the mobility like the cars and can overturn so easily.

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There's no reason a simulator has to be this dry and humorless.

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I play flight simulator and this and I will play for more than 10 fulk on weekends and I always play this on my laptop at work on break Pros: There's a lot of bus-detail in European Bus Simulatorright down to adjusting air conditioning, so it's a treat if you're into that sort of thing. Type your search here:. Cons The installation is quite slow. Pros There is the availability of the 3D effects.

Visual Basic Express Developed by world leading simulation specialists, TML Studios, European Bus Simulator offers the chance to experience the life of a bus driver. Do you recommend it?

It's a simulator, and you'll have observe laws, rest periods, sell tickets to passengers and be on time. It's a simulator, and you'll have observe laws, rest periods, sell tickets to passengers and be on time. Every pedestrian in this game seems very realistic.

Cons You may encounter glitches during the game.

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Download and installation help. Popular Downloads Ammyy Admin 3. European Bus Simulator 1. In the simulator, you will be required to observe all the rules of the road, the laws, the rest timings and also manage the ticketing process for all the passengers you pick up from different bus stations all across the city. This game is a very complete demo simulator for it's genre, that users may love.

Well this game looks quite great i have heard great things about it and i am currently downloading it Chess Free Edition. Your review for European Bus Simulator.

More casual bus fans may find Bus Simulator overwhelming, and lacking in fun. Software similar to European Bus Simulator If you have suggestions or comments, contact us.

On fkll other hand, this game has minor issues when it comes to the physic aspect.

Download and installation help. European Bus Simulator Latest version Bit 1. Buy your ticket for a journey and get aboard the most realistic bus simulation ever made. But the bys graphics is another story.

Buses are big and ungainly to drive, and keeping out of the way of other traffic is always a big concern. With ultra-realistic artificial intelligence, you can expect to deal with a wide variety of passengers, young and old, surly or serene.

European Bus Simulator 2012 1.3.2

Choose your game mode; complete full missions or play in the open world. All rights reserved to Downloadastro. Sell a variety of tickets, including day tickets and senior citizen concessions as you manage the constant ebb and flow of customers. There's a tutorial that takes you through all the controls and shortcuts.

Hitting people with bus. Software Free Download Soft

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