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Views Read Edit View history. Every game we release is tested for completion before being released. Hard, maybe, not not unfinishable. Acethor and Basti, could you two post here the exact file size and the date of your CC2. Those two links don't seem to work, so here's a download link at RapidShare http:

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The place that you need to jump from in order to get the gem is from the pipe that is just to the left of the gem.

Now obviously I know it must be finishable Retrieved from " https: He heads back to the perilous Crystal Caves for enough crystals to trade and buy the solar system. I just wanted to finish the level with 3 hearts left and by getting all the points.

To raise enough money for the farm, and to pay off his creditors, he flies to the perilous caves in the Altair System to mine precious crystals. How do you figure? The Apogee Legacy 5".

If someone official doesn't respond to this I'm gonna start a new thread. I forgot about that.

Wow, a 7 year old topic: Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images.

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I'd like to see that. The Hal's Kitchen http: Cant finish the Level I got this tricky crystal over the "Kilroy was here" sign red arrow in my picture http: Avatar might know, or Qbix for that matter: On October 24,3D Realms formerly Apogee released a maintenance patch to fix a bug in the game which set the player's computer's clock backwards years after playing on Windows XP.

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The first cyrstal is available for freewhile the remaining two need to be paid for. There's still people that think they're the first in the world to find the Aardwolf message in Wolfenstein 3D, too.

I love speedruns and such. Crystal Caves 2 level 5 is finishable: So I'm assuming it must be a bug of some sort. Updates for some older titles available".

Crystal Caves 2: Slugging It Out - Leaderboard -

Don't you think that someone would've brought this up, before? I've lost my old video, so I've made a new one: So you have a video proving you can finish it Did you see my video?

Having failed in his farming businesses due to miscalculations, he decides to buy a solar system and make crysfal a vacation resort. Do you want proof? That's the biggest bump I have ever seen: I can't get the chest and the mushroom next to the whirlwind.

Crystal Caves was cavew by Miner er. I can finish it whatever way I want Particularly in the Apogee FAQ. The main character's name, "Mylo Steamwitz", was coined by George Broussard and was meant to sound like a loser's name.

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