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Mighty Eagle is a one-time in-app purchase in Angry Birds that gives unlimited use. As well as the sleep mode crashing bug. You have to time it ahead of time to account for the choppyness. All this publication's reviews Read full review. They are adequate but not the best.

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January 19, at 2: January 19, at 7: Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs.

Angry Birds | PSP Games | PlayStation

The people you launch from the slingshot, don't look like people at all! There's no denying that Angry Birds is fun, but it could use polish -- such as sharper visuals, a better price and smoother action.

There are biirds kinds of birds to launch, from the normal ones which do absolutely nothing special to birds that lay bombs. Suitable for all audiences.

Launch your birds towards the pigs using your trusty catapult to demolish their shelters and destroy them.

Angry Birds (Clone)

The Angry Birds really have their work cut out for them. January 21, at 9: Angry Birds appeals to almost everyone.

You have to time it ahead of time to account for the choppyness. Log in to finish rating Angry Birds.

It's one of those games I could play for a few hours on a plane or obsess over on my couch. Work through the four episodes, each stuffed with loads of different levels and challenges, and put an end to those horrible hogs.

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The more birds, pigs and structures there are, the more lag there is. I purchased it to play on the PS3 hoping for a glorious HD pap to be enjoyed on a large screen. The textures in the "bird's" base are poor, they look like they were made for the iphone or something. Moving on, while I feel the difficulty curve is smooth, the guns and swords don't feel as powerful or as satisfying as they should, you feel like you bidrs buttering toast when you strike down an opponent.

Angry Birds

A truly astonishing port. The fact that something of this poor quality can be allowed is disgusting. It gets pretty awkward to not stretch all the way, especially when things become so laggy.

May 26, at 2: I somewhat agree, I am bires far and the lag does indeed, blow. While it is still a fun game, the graphics are pixelated and the default view is zoomed in- zooming out involves pressing L1 and R1 simultaneously, which you have to keep pressed to maintain that view.

Who would have known the birds could multiply, accelerate and even agry when they want something so bad? Blue chicks will multiply into three and cause triple the damage, yellow birds will accelerate and crash through walls, while white birds will lay deadly exploding eggs, shattering just about everything below.

And they make more and more money with reskins of the game. I can do the samething getting drunk, osp a blindfold on then trying to take a piss.

Graphics are just horrible. The first few pesky porkers are hiding in simple wooden shacks, and as you progress, the hideouts become more extravagant and tougher to get your claws on. Angry Birds Also on. The pigs are in hiding and the birds will have to work birsd to find them and dish out their revenge.

May 3, at January 20, at 8:

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