Electrical bid manager

Great system for the price you pay. Ease of use, EBM is a very stable and versatile product. This software is extremely user-friendly. Call the company an ask for a short walk through on the database.

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I love how everything is organized and contained within bi program. Just use the on-screen format, and have quantities calculated for you. Likes Best Easy to understand output for our estimators and clients. Recommendations to other buyers: The vendor is friendly.

Electrical Bid Manager Reviews and Pricing -

Allows efficient use of the estimators time by having an on-screen takeoff made without the need for hardcopy prints. Pros This software is very handy to have if you are in the market for bidding multiple large jobs.

Pros it integrates with a special software for pricing and take off. Very intuitive, easy to learn and eoectrical others how to use it.

Call us for a Free Electrica, Consultation: Great product for my needs as a contractor averaging in 3mil in sales a year. General contractor Number of employees: It is very easy to use. November November Showing of 1. Look carefully try before you buy! Cons Easy to use once you get the hang of it.

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After the first call you have to wait for a call back from one of the representatives. April April This software is very handy to have if you are in the market for bidding multiple large jobs.

An Estimator's Best Friend! Cons If you are not handling multiple large jobs. Recommendations We like it best because of the ease of use in working with other clients that use the same software.

This is a great, no non-sense tool that helps me bidd my job done and be more efficient. There are a good assortment of ways to provide breakouts and to edit item costs and labor. Customer service is friendly and knowledgeable but you have to wait for a callback, which tends to be 20 to 40 min after the initial call.

There just isn't much that stands out about the software.

If you are not handling multiple large jobs. The uploading processes went smoothly. I also like the ability to have the labor units calculated for me, as well as being able to adjust them depending on the circumstances. It's a good step into on-screen estimating. I wish it had the ability to include more Solar and Wind material. An Estimator's Best Friend!

Electrical Bid Manager Software - Reviews

The program is quite easy to navigate and find your way on it. Pros great integration with windows, if you are familiar with Microsoft Windows and the office suite, then it is really easy to navigate the software. Likes Least Not enough format options for form letters.

It is a basic estimating software with not a lot of bells and whistles.

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