Club penguin password hacker

Email it to sdfrasulzad yahoo. So here it is. It appears that they are just normal kids playing with you, so they can protect good penguins from being bullied or made fun of. It have to be member it only works for them!!!!!

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If you ban it i will be vey annoyed. Can anybody make it a member ship for ever please? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I certainly did because i put them here in the first place. People that work for CP Club Penguin look at these sites and anyone that says there passowrd will get banned forever.

I said I waz sorry. It will change your life. If you are member send me your name and pass to Apkawka one. My email is zarethox yahoo. Listen everyone this is a chance of a life time im selling a member account on cp clubpenguin ……… In order 2 win u need to play runescape and gimmie 3 mil or really good stuff…….

Club Penguin Help, Cheats, and Accounts!

Besides that, the website will come back tomorrow! If you want ,, coins each day then leave me your pass and user for cp right on this password box! You will also get more unwanted files if your a member of my club! Until it got banned!

If you want coins for your penguin or if you just want to become a member just email me your username cant be banned and password has to be the real one my email is super3. Tahsin June 3, at 3: Now that made me feel bad.


All banner haters understand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise i dont ban you. I promise I will not get u banned.

Get free accounts Unwanted Accounts: Look dont blame me for it im giving you the accounts not banning them. The only catch is, you had to have been a member at one point and now your membership is expired. May I please have a member account?

Password Box | Club Penguin Help, Cheats, and Accounts!

They are not very old, but I wanna get rid of them and they have weird names because I am from Estonia. All the day clubpenguin will check this site. Lydia Abel May 4, at Unwanted accounts should not be given,many accidents may have happen because the Clubpenguin team may have not known. If you have banned account just tell me on my email nina. You are commenting using your Twitter account. How do you people do it?

I felt really mad when that happened! P Pa Pass Pass: Tocket was actually me lol, heres some stuff from my shop.

The hacker banned my account for 72 hours, and im scared they might ban me forever!

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