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A Chinese technology startup that claimed its internet browser software was developed with independent intellectual property rights was found to have utilised substantial code from Google Chrome. Redcore's web browser, which was widely utilised by government, state-owned enterprises, as well as large-sized companies in China, was found containing Chrome files in its installation directory by social media users. The company finished it's 36 million US dollar Series C funding on August 15, which is roughly when the controversy hit the Internet.

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The situation is even worse in China, as Google withdrew most of its business from the country in Another useful feature allows you to mute the volume in all tabsa useful function when you have many tabs open and don't know where the annoying sound is coming from.

More it is very good i think it will be the world number one browser and all will enjoy it.

'Made in China' Web Browser Actually Built on Google Chrome

This article is shown to you as a webpage, be it on our official website or mobile app. LG mobile records seventh quarter of operating loss.

Laws concerning the use of cuinese software vary from country to country. Download Xtravo Chinese Web Browser. Baidu Browser The alternative to Chrome, spiced up for social.

Baidu Browser - Download

The American tech giant has yet to make an official comment on the matter. Just click the green Download button above to start. That being said, Chen admitted they have done other things wrong. There is no option for chunese a file and I do not know where screenshots taken by baidu browser are saved.

Mobility New iPhones get lukewarm reception in China. A surprising browser Overall, Baidu Browser is a very successful browser.

Some mocked the company as the "bravest in history," while others posted a GIF that showed the way they built their browser was simply to change the icon from Chrome's wfb theirs. Overall, Baidu Browser is a very successful browser.

Is a Chinese web browser ripping off Chrome? It's more complicated than that

Apple allocates initial two-thirds of iPhone XR units for China: Drag and Drop Want to open a specific picture or video in another tab? A web browser is what we use to view webpages — the main content of the Internet and the main reason we go online. Google to release security patch to fix Meltdown, Specter bugs for its Chrome browser.

Baidu Browser makes your chineese that much easier with its Recently Closed Tabs button. Need to fix an iPhone or Android device? Redcore browser engine is based on the globally-accepted open-source Chromium kernel architecture, but the information was not explicitly mentioned in the marketing, misleading some consumers to believe it was developed by the company from scratch, the statement added. Until now the program was downloaded times. It's high security concerns keep the user safe from any kind of malcious website and also maintains hrowser privacy like no other web browser.

See below the changes in each version:.

Redcore boasts several big name institutions and companies as browseer of its product, including the State Council, PetroChina and the national space administration. People's Daily Online Xinhuanet China. Log in with your Google account and all of your bookmarks, history, plug-ins, skins and settings will be seamlessly transferred over. Click stars to rate this APP!

The app is currently available in Chinese, ChineseSimplified and it was last updated on They usually call it "forking", a reference to the way software tends to always spawn variants.

Download Baidu Browser LG mobile records seventh quarter of operating loss Both revenue and operating loss are shrinking for the mobile arm of the Korean electronics conglomerate.

On Friday, Redcore apologised through its WeChat account, admitting it made a certain degree of exaggeration during its recent financing marketing activities that could have misled the public.

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