Battery secrets by peter lindemann

To get notified about the upcoming Bedini-Lindemann Energy Conference go here: Don't worry Aaron, I won't be asking for money back. At some point Peter mentioned that John let's the battery rest for a certain percentage of the pulse cycle period which most of us probably already know , but too bad he didn't mention the best pulse frequency in order to maximize the unexplainable effect he talks about when continuously cycling the batteries?! You could get a copy then decide if it is worth it or not. I also go into the chemical changes that happen when a battery sits for a long period of time without use.

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Hi Aaron, thanks for your reply. Aaron, Is this different from what is presented in the "battery bible" http: S uggested Retail Price: Buy From Our Partner The lower the impedance, the lower the voltage will rise and the higher the current will be supplied. Its time to truly change the world instead of trying to see what you can ring out of it for your, our own selfish egos. This lecture shows how ridiculous EDTA and other waste of time methods are at rejuvenating batteries. Download link will be sent to your e-mail.

None of the experience of testing and developing the chargers are in the battery bible.

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann - Energetic Forum

Peter is an internationally recognized Tesla expert and is the founder of one of the oldest and most successful free energy websites on the internet. Originally Posted by Aaron It is in sync.

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann Over the last few years with many of our Tesla Charger customers, a book or other presentation on what the battery chargers do to the batteries has become the most requested topic out of any that we have received - across all categories. However, depending on the computer and ram available, it can go out of synch after x minutes.

I guess people are right about what they are telling us about you Aaron. Find all posts by Armagdn Learn the real explanation of how a lead-acid battery is damaged by repeated incomplete charging.

The chargers based on this knowledge have been publicly available for several years now.

Battery Secrets

Once this potential hurdle has been overcome, then it will produce current to complete the discharge. Last edited by graphitebone; at Is the battery considered charged with neg. This can be collected and used to power the next cycle with a small top up equivalent to the loss. Seecrets we simply observe the "facts on the ground" we can come to a reasonable understanding.

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann

What John found, after exhaustive testing, is that both of these methods charge the battery quite well. Find all posts by Peter Lindemann.

Originally Posted by graphitebone I feel sad that both of you who i look up to, aren't working in the new paradigm yet. One of the secrets of getting excess energy from a battery by having it finish an entire hour earlier than normal but still have the same charge!

Battery Secrets Suggested Retail. Find all posts by StweenyA. Let's say you initially have a battery 1 that contains units on the front and a batt 2 on the back which is at units.

If you put 15 amps into a motor 15 amps come out the other side, only some potential is lost. Originally Posted by Aaron Hi Andrew, There is important info from the battery bible that is in the lecture but it is not a substitute for this lecture.

Battery Rejuvenation Suggested Retail.

You could get a copy then decide if it is worth it or not. People dont like it in this forum as far as i can tell. Nice to meet you too John!

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