Analytical reasoning questions and answers

Kathy is standing right to Kevin and left to Jonathan. No Questions to display. Hence by arranging students in the apropriate positions we will get the below sequence. The remaining profession is Cook which must be Padma's profession.

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Arranging all peoples in the sequence as per the statements given in the question we will get following sequence. ACEG composed of sixteen components. The following rules will be followed for seating them in cars: Find out who is standing in the answdrs end?

Analytical Reasoning and Aptitude Questions and Answers

Hence Red colored house must be in the first position. Similarly, Jonathan is standing right to Bryan and left to Jenny. Elephant is to the right of Dog and Cat is to the left of Camel and right of Elephant. Kavya is standing immediate left to Tihaha. B is in andwers K is in car-1 There is exactly one kid in car-2 There is exactly one kid in car-3 Q.

Manoj sitting to the right of Rajeev. QRST composed of four components.

Analytical Reasoning - Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

Identify the position of black house from extreme left? C Kavya and Pavani. Bill is standing left to Bryan but right to Rice Paul. If B, D, and E are played one after another in sequence, when can A be played in the remaining two positions?

analytical reasoning questions and answers

Hence Black colored house must be in the 6th position. Show Question and answers 3. The order of books is as follows: Suresh is sitting leftside of Rajeev.

How many books are there between Civics and Science books? If C is played earlier than E, then which one of following will be true? Hence Lavish is the Trainer since one of the statement in the question is saying Akhin is saying next to a trainer. A is in car-3 E is in car-3 F is in car-2 G is in car Which of the animal is in the middle?

C Cook and Tailor. Identify position of Boro from extreme left? Clearly, these are 12 in number.

NTS Practice Test

B is the second video played. Clearly the sequence is: ABCD composed of eight components.

Jam bottles are at the top. Suresh Rajeev Ravi Manoj.

The order of books is as follows:. Who is sitting in the third position from left hand side in the bench? Kathy Rice Paul Jonathan Jenny. So the order is: In order to see this page, Please re-enable your Javascript!

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