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So there is a little of ADD getting in the way. January 20, at 5: I was on my own. Neither was great with that bit of fast speech.

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So if it came to a point of needing to transcribe a number of dictated files, it seemed the Pro version would be essential. This site uses cookies.

Trying Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 with a Digital Voice Recorder | Ray Woodcock's Latest

That depends on the solution and your goals. Please contact us by telephone or Internet.

Who is Speakeasy Solutions Inc.? Orders received by noon are usually shipped out the same day, with delivery expected speakinng one and three days. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Urgent support is also available outside of regular business hours. I thought with all the advertising that maybe they had improved this product so that it was useful.

Digital Recorders Not all digital recorders are created equal, and the range of features, models and brand names can be confusing. I moved those files to the laptop where I had installed Dragon. I tried transcribing the same speech, this time in the form recorded by the old Olympus DVR.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking & Digital Voice Recorder Video Demonstrations

Speech recognition and digital dictation technologies are implemented separately or in combination, depending on what is most beneficial to your needs. For our medical and legal clients, this is a very noticeable boon.

My guess was that it took maybe seven minutes. Pricing varies depending on solution and quantities.

These and other potential problems are addressed -- including solutions -- on the Naturally Speaking support Web page. That is, Dragon seemed somewhat better able to understand the old Olympus. We have over a decade of invaluable digital dictation experience, not to mention we provide 30 days of free telephone support after installation and setup.

We encourage you to contact usand we will assist you in making this determination. Audio quality is much improved, increasing transcription accuracy and turnaround time. Speech recognition demonstrations and training appointments are available as early as 7: In that pursuit, several searches yielded no obvious guidance.

Digital Voice Recorders Compatible With Dragon Naturally Speaking

Naturally Speaking works right out of the box. But anyway, it seemed that I might have made things worse by trying to add the smartphone option. Also was voice training with the recorder difficult.

I read the whole file. There are no courier costs digital files are transmitted instantly via Internet or digitap computer network.

Digital Voice Recorders Compatible With Dragon Naturally Speaking | tgeo.pro

Typically our hours are Monday through Friday, 9: I tried again with the same text as recorded by the old Olympus recorder. Anticipating this possibility, Nuance has provided help and user forum Web pages links in Resources. I just had my audio recording. Digital voice dictation is the evolution of tape driven dictation solutions i. I am very pleased. We provide you with a solution and show you exactly how to achieve the highest level of success possible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but you may need to adjust the way you speak in order to reach a near perfect level of accuracy at rapid speaking speeds.

In other words, for speech recognition, I would have to place this unit in a cushioned space and use an external mic.

Then I transferred that file from the recorder to the computer.

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