Clash of clans save data

And the cache and data files are stored in the 'Android' folder. Right now, their forums is down, so you would need to contact them directly for help. Originally Posted by Andrew4life.

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Post and share your best word substitutions!!! Can you send me the APK with the modified version number plz.

I logged in with facebook and then the cloud saving worked. Some additional details that will help: Turn debug clasb on 3.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. After one and a half day there is nobody with a serious reply.?

They've got a FAQ page for this: Always disable the debug state in a released application as it is possible via JDWP to gain full access to the Java process and execute arbitrary code in the context of the application, if this debug state is not disabled. It could be that the developers had not put that info, but I highly doubt that. I am not sure what I should savd since you are telling me it also saves progress.

Upload, Download Game Save data or Progress on CoC

or This would work on android as long as the app is debuggable. I said no, and the save was restored. It may only be available to newly started games, so make sure you check your device. Are you absolutely sure? I am hoping to accomplish being able to play on my Z10 AND other devices like my desktop PC using the bluestacks android emulator.

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Compile and sign the Calsh 4. Have anyone tried this? Give as much detail as possible as you can about your old village. They've got a FAQ page for this:. Still when I connected to the android runtime and started a shell, the command "run-as com. Log in or Sign up. As far as I know the debug state can be turned on in the file "AndroidManifest.

Let's get access to Clash of Clans app data and save files.

Ok so here is what we need to try and datta. It seems important though that contacting Supercell has to be done from an Android device clasy you shouldn't mention you're using a BlackBerry. Originally Posted by dzbeebo. I unintentionally and stupidly wiped my Clash of Clans game data. Removing the current version of Clash of Clans first would erase my game's progress so that's not an option either.

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So what I wanted to do was see if we can overwrite an apk with a BAR file. Make sure dta save in-game progress with Google Play!

I also increased the VersionCode to and VersionNumber to 5.

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