Best of linkin park

At least this one must be in the top 10s. Faint from the album Meteora. Its not fair The best song of hunting party Midwest, eventually getting promoted and promoted.

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Are you kidding me. I was expecting this song to be in top 20 but any way it as the best song V 15 Comments. Take your nostalgia goggles off. Daron Malakian from the album The Hunting Party. Breaking The Habit from the album Meteora. Possibly the most underrated linkin park song. liknin

It is my favorite song A thousand Suns might have been awful as a whole, but this song, along with Iridescent has certainly outclassed all of Linkin Park's other song If you haven't heard it then you have not heard a thing. Do vote this song. The scratching the guitars, drums, bass, and the vocal play between chester and mike Hear this song guys.

Never heard anything like this. I mean like oinkin only reason why numb par on top is because it's the only song people know.

Damn they just rock. Definitely deserves top 10, Catalyst should replace this My sore throat goes away if I karaoke the middle screaming. In the End 3. I'm really suprised this isn't in top 5 or at least in top A new non-Facebook video was released afterwards.

This song is awesome as hell. This is one of the few exceptions. The heaviest most powerful song ever created.

Linkin Park : Best Ever Albums

Originally called Xero, then Hybrid Theory, they eventually changed their name to Linkin Park and released their major label debut album, Hybrid Theoryon Warner Bros. All Top Ten Lists 9 Music. This song deserves to be there right on top Linkin Park made a stuff very different from the others songs: Such an underrated song, sure, it wasn't a single, but it's one hell of a song.

And to think this is from their first album. The heart and soul of Linkin Park in this song!

Top 10 Linkin Park Songs

Just makes everything go awe Their commitment to contemporaneous electronic music allows the band to constantly shift oinkin the times, even if they can always fall back on their mix of rock and rap-core. Rock song, got a powerful and only chorus, and the drums ending is kinda striking. That right there is what made the combination such a strong one: Great atmosphere and awesome guitar play!

I think this is the best one ever: The video for the song includes a mix of gameplay footage, CGI, a band performance and real-life footage of the military in action in action. Take it to top ten

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