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The control was unreliable and I could not configure it to my liking. Log in to finish rating Battle of Europe. The music is Tchaikovsky which suits the mood well but the quality of the recording is poor, leaving the score sounding thin and distant.

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I recommend this game only with the caveat that you find it available at a budgeted price point.

Battle Of Europe Game

Those planes have some markedly different flight batte than the prop-driven fighters and it adds a nice bit of variety to the game. Heck, sometimes I even find myself playing the ones where you don't shoot anything at all. On the battld hand, if you're looking for a visually exciting, arcade-style game that presents challenging missions in an easy to learn WWII flight simulation, this game has a lot to offer.

The sound design leaves a bit to be desired. You won't find significant performance differences among the various fighters. Unfortunately, the game lacks mid-mission save capability. Over the course of ten missions with six bonus missions offered as a reward to high scorersplayers will eventually find themselves taking on bigger responsibilities, like stealing prototypes, escorting bombers, sinking battleships and even getting a shot at taking down Hitler himself.

For twenty bucks, Battle of Europe might be worth the risk for players who are looking for something a little dumber and a lot easier than Secret Weapons or Blazing Angels.

History buffs will be let down by the common weapons provided on each aircraft type. You'll see your enemies start to trail black smoke when you start damaging them.

Battle of Europe - GameSpot

There's no shortage of action here but the challenge just isn't there. Hurricanes, Spitfires, and other aircraft of that size begin each mission with a standard arsenal of guns, rockets, and bombs. Since I place great value in online play and historic accuracy in my gaming, this game fell a little short of my top picks.

However, my disappointment with my failed attempts to get a controller working, with applicable drivers, left me with the impression that players may require a lot of patience when setting up their favourite input devices.

Battle of Europe - IGN

A Total War Saga: Battle of Europe is a fully 3D arcade action game. Unfortunately, many of the things you'd expect to matter in an arcade flying game simply don't apply here. The Elder Scrolls Online: Just as confusing is the game's insistence that a plane's agility is directly proportional to its speed. Lighting is put to great use in the game, particularly at sunset and sunrise. Though the game suggests that it's for players of all levels, the arcade sensibilities make it less satisfying for veteran flight jockeys.

Pillars of Eternity II: On the back of this game's box you'll find the following statement: The tutorial walks you through the basics of flying, shooting, bombing, etc.

Battle of Europe is a mission-based single-player game. Environmental effects are generally good.

The level objectives are provided at the beginning of each mission and the gameplay is straightforward. Loads of enemies and a nearly endless supply of bullets, rockets and bombs combine to create loads and loads of action but the lack of a bomb drift or a trajectory for the rockets and bullets make things a little too easy.

The missions themselves are fairly well designed, with a nice range of objectives.


A full hanger of fighters and bombers completely submerse the player in the reality of the World War II flying aces; risking their lives daily in countless dog fights, and returning home in a smoking plane littered with bullet holes Rurope Battle of Europe, each plane seems to present its own unique handling characteristics based on its size, weight, and build design.

Later on in the game you'll have the chance to experience some real differences when you have a chance to baytle the jets -- the Shooting Star, Me and Meteor -- and the B bomber.

Whether it's the nostalgic joys of Airfix Dogfighter, the batle antics of Crimson Skies, or the merciless realism of IL-2 Sturmovik, I just can't resist a game where you fly around shooting crap. The one exception are the bright beams of purple light thrown up by the bwttle guns on the ground and on the decks of ships. Battle of Europe continues to present enough of a challenge to prevent me from sweeping through each mission with ease, auto aim capability or not.

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