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The specific challenges of digitizing Arabic type The distinct qualities of written Arabic are rooted in calligraphy. It comes in 5 different weights ranging from Light to Heavy which extends its usage capabilities considerably. In the centuries when Latin typefaces were blossoming, Arabic printing was comparatively neglected. The arabic cooper typeface is an Arabic font designed by Tarek Atrissi Design; it is a one weight display font that has been

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This is an OpenType Font supporting Arabic, Persian, Urdu Languages and compatible with the various operating systems and modern software. Swissra also aspires to tribute the experience of Swiss graphic design and pass it on to the Arabic graphic design scene.

And, the number of glyphs can increase even further if you add up the combinations within the letters if the typeface wants to mimic the Arabic calligraphy font script completely.

Mada font family contains two weights: The combination of modern Kufi and Geometrical styles and varying between straight and curved parts made it a beautiful typeface appropriate to the titles and text, and able to meet the desire of the user in the design of ads and modern designs of various types of audio and visual.

An interesting trend nowadays is the design of Xrabic font styles that are tailored to match some English typeface that is already present. There is no dearth of projects when usage of Arabic calligraphic fonts is norm.

If you are looking for stylish arabic fonts for photoshop for your glamorous posters or flyers, this bold and beautiful font with a hint of spunk would do the work for you. This year I completed the type family for Amwaj Islands in Bahrain, that needed a three weights font for use as the main Arabic font in their corporate identity. Adelle Sans Armenian Quick Look.

With glyphs, Molsaq Pro supports Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and Kurdish, it also supports more than 60 languages that use the Latin script.

The character set supports Arabic, Persian, and Urdu and also includes Basic Latin letters font styles. A bright and unflappable articulated sans dedicated to cheerful branding and a business casual tone. It comes in 5 different weights ranging from Arablc to Heavy which extends its usage capabilities considerably.

Arabic Fonts: 60+ Fonts Available For Download (Free and Premium)

The Middle East was located at the center of the Ancient World, which also played a big role in the spread of the alphabet, and this is how the Phoenician alphabet is the mother of both Latin, and Arabic scripts, which are used for Arabic fonts today, as a base. The font includes a design that supports Arabic and Latin languages. To add a VAT number please sign in and edit your user profile.

Several of our fonts will be soon available for sale, since I have launched a new typographic Design in the office, focused only on type design. The design is mono-linear and with the typical geometric construction associated with the Kufi style.

The font comes in two weights, bold and regular, and was designed Particularly for screen usage. A preview of the font is shown above.

Arabic Fonts

An historically grounded exploration into salvaged styles, intended for attention, reference, and modern fnts. When you need elegant Arabic calligraphy fonts for glam posters or flyers for say, an upcoming party from your hotel, the Alqusair font is the thing for you. They also include support for Farsi, as well as Urdu although only in the form of Naskh.

Back in BC, the early dsign had 22 consonants and no capital letters, and it was written from right to left. Arabic fonts are beautiful but hard to find.

Essay Text Quick Look. Khoutout, which means "lines" in Arabic, is a visually distinct Arabic display font designed with a simple graphic Here are the tips: Microtypography— 5—10 points — such as in album liner notes, sports scores, footer details for film posters, data tables. One of the most exciting fonts developed this year as well was the Etisalat font- shown above. This innovation is a contribution to desibn modern Arabic fonts, giving the font design of Arabic letters real typographic arrangement and providing greater typographic flexibility.

AlGhad font family is one of the best selling fonts designed by Tarek Atrissi Design. The distinct qualities of written Arabic are rooted in calligraphy. For Gaber, a type designer in Cairo, this rapid increase in readers fuels a clear mission: They have a corporate feel, and if you want to use them for signage, they would be ideal.

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