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The projects you've pointed out are the exception, not the standard. In the end, we in CE would love a newer Halo engine, and Dewrito wants to have the same devoted and creative community that a 12 year old game has. Go ahead and do it.

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They have it so ONLY gamepads have the aim assist. I apologize if people have gone onto HCE forums and tried to misrepresent this mod as being such a thing or started flame wars. I just want to play a psudo-Halo 3, and I get that with ED.

But in the case of the Halos, no matter the fidelity of the graphics the art assets look good. I was there during those days and logged almost 3k hours playing, then Custom Edition evition out and fucked it all up.

So looking to forge as part of the solution is actually part of the problem, if I have to us forge and doing the things I need to take 5x longer than it would do in sapien, I'm not going to want to use it.

I couldn't improve Trump's relations with press because 'the fish does stink from the head down'. The point is to explain why the idea that H: It has the chance of helping boost the recognition of the Halo PC fan base. Daily Star Lebanon 26 Oct Combat Evolved is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

If you can replicate that work that was done, you should be able to allow people to create using the official H1 tools, import into H2 which is much closer in structure to H3, and then into the tag resources for dewrito.

Post this information on http: Am I wrong or missing some greater point? As much as it would be awesome to have custom map support, I think a lot of people running around touting us as a "H3CE" have underestimated the massive amount of work that would need to be done in order to make custom maps possible. O is the next CE isn't going to be possible. There is nothing in H: Distribution, features, modability all have been planned and slowly have been worked on.

What would change your enjoyment, is things that are actually new. As others have already pointed out, Halo: You could offer to help rather than continuing to play Arm Dev while you sit with premade tools.

That stops it from being the next Custom Edition right there. HaloCE has been out for over a decade and its had a full platter of mod tools and official support for them for almost just as long feel free to correct me on that, I'm not too familiar with the history of hce modding.

There are always the idiots and the misguided who want to cause trouble and make things a competition.

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ALL games can be hacked, no aimbog has t So hopefully in the future we cuetom save everyone a editiin of headache creating their original content as ours is copyright free. I was saying that in spite of challenges, I have no doubt that these things could happen with enough time.

Even assembly fails at mapping everything it, it's one of the main edotion I have not even bothered trying to mod H2V's campaign. Posting forks of ElDewrito as in the mod files, not the game is permitted as long you provide source code and a VirusTotal scan.

You want to play the core game? CE is a classic shooter. But being content with that will stifle real creation. Just read over a lot of the responses you gave to counter arguments on this post and I have to say that I am immensely disappointed with the way you are trying to force feed us your opinions.

But the point remains from a mod standpoint, ED is not even as capable as HPC was 6 months after release.

Archiv Prosinec Masterz, fuck you, your a dick, have some faith!

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