Full screen countdown timer

On one monitor you will be running a full screen timer and on other extended desktop monitor, you have your presentation. To reset the timer press DEL. This will run on a second monitor.

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Make timer smaller use ESC to exit fullscreen displayadjust the size of timer and then use a the other part of the screen for messages to the presenter.

Papertimer - Simple full-screen countdown timer

Wonderful app and very easy to useā€¦. Alarm could be visual too. Seems like Nano is better than Mini? As for your idea I think it is interesting, but this timer is not intended for the use you describe.

Maddam, thank you for your kind comment, glad it helps. But there are other options. Its remarkable that no one has really done a good countdown timer for windows like yours.

Simple Online Timer

Hey, thanks for writing in. Coutdown it possible to replace the background color with a custom image in the extended app? It was time to create a better timer.

Yes, it is possible timr change color in the extended version, you can also change text, but you cannot add an image. Thanks for your work on this and willingness to share it with us: You can purchase more than one license at a discount price. We needed something counttdown would look better and would be easier to use. On one monitor you will be running a full screen timer and on other extended desktop monitor, you have your presentation.

That way, the speaker will know when they are running short and must wrap things up.

You have the option to disable instructions in the Settings. For now, maybe you can try this: Check FAQ, point 8. Countdown has started and will continue until timeout is reached. I would love to use this in sessions on a beamer. The only thing I would love out of this is: It must be totally automatic every 10 minutes.

Thank you for the timer. You can also use arrow keys on your keyboard. I am about to buy the mini version to use for my business. It looks great too! Timer works flawlessly and it will improve your event. I love the app for iOS!

As for this timer it will not be changed.

Hey, thanks a lot for your comment. But small question, what is the take-away of difference between Mini and Nano? Hi Steven, yes, our Extended version of the timer has exactly what you are looking for, and more.

Add an extra monitor besides timer, there you can type something using word processor, or use some appropriate program for coujtdown messages 2. For more see Extended versionor App version.

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