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Can't wait to read the next couple. Salvatore wrote in his Drizzt trilogy. The main characters are: Both the dialogue and the art are exceptional, and it is all wrapped around a compelling story that will keep you reading. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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But even taking that into account, they've gone above and beyond with their story.

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Comiic Alliance Baldur's Gate: See All Buying Options. I read this in individual comic issues and eagerly awaited every next issue. Howard -- but Rogers doesn't just go with a contemporary style, he adds in a healthy amount of meta like the eye-rolling when their unseen DungeonMaster throws yet another pit trap dungeonns wave of orcs at them.

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IDW announces new Dungeons & Dragons comic book series

There's a clmic loading this menu right now. Salvatore wrote in his Drizzt trilogy. Can't wait to read the next couple. As a huge fan of the Drizzt books and comics in general, this was a real treat.

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Xnd them a look, put some requests in at your local comic book store, and read on! While certainly not nearly as detailed or good as the actual novels, this is a great accompaniment to them. It's one of the best comics on the stands today. The characters and underdark for the most part appeared as I pictured, except for the drow women, which looked a lot hotter than the ugly versions I had in my head. That wasn't required to enjoy the story.

It's unbelievably tricky to pull both of those off at once, but Rogers does it, even throwing in scenes where Bree -- the party's resident rogue -- works her way through a deathtrap that could be read as either a character using her own knowledge to tackle a challenge or as a "player" meta-gaming her way through a typical dungeon obstacle:.

Thirteen-year-old Bina has a long summer ahead of her. Rogers' grand, action-packed set pieces fit the sword-swinging style of the game so perfectly that the first three issues shipped with variants that included a playable version of the adventure after the actual story, complete with character sheets detailing each member of the party over the course of the first five issues -- which I sincerely hope will be included in the hardcover.

I'm already looking forward to volume 3! For a lot of writers, "high fantasy" equals stilted, olde-timey dialogue of Tolkien -- or for a more action-oriented story, Robert E. We have a month subscription to Audible to give away! I also like how they divorced magic items from the core system.

Nevertheless, I found this edition of Fell's Five to be better than the last and I am eagerly awaiting for the next volume. Only 6 left in stock more on the way.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Only 17 left in stock more on the way. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The Comic is great for anyone interested in getting more in to the Dungeons and Dragonns Mythos or for the causal comic book lover. I highly recommend this volume. Considering the low price, this is a good deal. This dark elf ranger defies his corrupt society to pursue truth and integrity and battle evil. There's the gruff fighter who leads his party into danger because he's Lawful Good and it's The Right Thing To Do, the sassy rogue who's Chaotic Greedy, the elf and the dwarf who like to quip at each other in the middle of battle, and the magic-user with the dark past that's subtly hinted at by the fact that she has devil horns and a tail.

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