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If it crashes, it's not. Which mods are you using? But when i put the modified vorbisfile it starts until it says start game and then it crashes there. Posted June 18,

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Are you sure you got v1.

[TOOL] Installer CLEO 3 + CLEO 4

You guys got it good compared to me, ive tried everything, ive installler cleo at least 20 times and nothing, ive followed each tutorial and also reinstalled the asi file, my problem is that it doesnt show the yellow text and also the cleo mods dont work, yes i hv v1 as i have sami and samp. Everytime I install a cleo mod, the game crashes once i started it up, then when I un install the cleo 3 mod, it works, is it a problem on where i should install cleo 3, or put the where i put mod in?

Trying to execute not existing opcode will crash the game.

This is something that took me days to fix Posted June 18, Posted August 2, Posted June 24, This topic is now closed to further replies.

Posted February 13, libraru But when i put the modified vorbisfile it starts until it says start game and then it crashes there. As without asi loader the game won't do anything to do with CLEO.

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Which mods are you using? Add them again one by one until the game crashes. Remove your Cleo-mods and test if they make you crash.

If it crashes, it's not. By Skateaton, June 3, in Coding.

Does the game work? If yes, remove all. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. But sometimes files end up getting corrupted or is that just me? Posted September 7, When it does you may have found your problem mod.

CLEO 3 for GTA San Andreas

Have installerr got San Andreas v1. Posted September 17, I can't provide a link or site, as it's against forum rules. Posted August 14, Remove all CLEO mods Remove all your mods, then place them back one by one, testing the game each time.

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You probably have a script that activates when you enter the vehicle which does not work correctly. If not, then double-check that there isn't any files inside the folder.

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