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Trying to hunt down a specific match hosted by your buddies can sometimes be a pain, since game names are case-sensitive and require you to be very specific when entering the name. To switch the player's view, simply tilt the device left or right. The blood-curdling moans of the zombies are perfect. Zombies also lets you host a private match.

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We would recommend adjusting the sensitivity before you start or you will have trouble aiming.

Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies for iPhone/iPad Reviews - Metacritic

The 24 Bore Long Range reloading. By Metascore By user score. Game strictly supports iOS4 and up on 3rd gen devices and up only. What's New in Version 1. Musical Easter Eggs and Soundtracks.

I found fighting hell hounds a frustrating experience. The name was later changed again to its acll name. The lighting is also good--enemies and scenery clearly stand out while not detracting from the game's eerie atmosphere. The original version of Nazi Zombies on consoles was most popular as a co-op game, and this version of the game brings zombie-stomping co-op to the iPhone in all its glory.

Call of Duty World at War Zombies II iPhone game - free. Download ipa for iPad,iPhone,iPod.

Do you recommend it? This mode has now made its way to mobile handsets, and despite some shortcomings, the iPhone version of World at War is an impressive game.

On June 3,Call of Duty: Each weapon has its own unique properties, and all are useful when mastered.

Dead Ops Arcade Locations: See all 8 User Reviews. Because of the stiffness of the controls, all weapons have received a damage boost.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies Review

Please, specify your device, and we will duth compatible games. While an excellent port of a popular game mode, Cod: The lack of content, high price point, and occasional connection issues with the servers are somewhat disappointing, but gunning zombies with your buddies is still a blast. Minecraft - Pocket Edition Experience the mining, creating and surviving game in your pocket.

It looks so good it could almost pass for a full-on console game, and even when tons of worlx are onscreen the frame rate rarely stutters. There are two additional control settings, but those are less precise.

All this publication's reviews Read full review. To select compatible games for your device, we need to know the version of your platform. The default touch screen aims by using the right thumb to manipulate the screen. Thanks to this game you will not get bored at school or at work. Cooperative game mode to 4 people st will make the game even more fascinatingly.

To switch the player's view, simply tilt the device left or right. If you're not actively using these browser plug-ins, you may want to either uninstall them or turn this feature off.

No thanks Submit review. WaW Zombies suffers from some fatal flaws.

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There is a lot of new weapon and traps. With only one map available, there will never be much variation in your strategy.

While this starts off easy, hordes of zombies eventually start to rush you in large groups and you must use everything at your disposal, including ot extravagant array of weapons, grenades, and barricades, to combat them. The goal of the game is the same as the console version, to survive the unending hordes of zombies for as many rounds as possible.

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