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You will never get out of it alive. Page 1 of 1. Sun Sep 13, 3: Tue May 25, 4:

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Granted this bkt easy to change and have it work again, but there are countless other ways this could have been defeated in the first place. Script Requests Post any requests of scripts here!

Sun May 23, 8: Wed Dec 11, 1: All the useful programs you'll need to modify the EO client files, and build your server! You should make the quest features, spell healing, and lets say.

Mar 6, 0: Blue Eye Macro Automation is freedom. Anonymous January 21, at Replace the executable in the folder you've installed EO to with the download and simply open it twice. Permanently mutes guitars and harps! Posts Topics Advanced Search.

Place this file in your EO gfx folder to replace gfx Yea like Nick said, I don't think there is a bot you'll find. I'm not getting an error anymore but it's not clicking on the image it just skips it when i write anything else. Scripts Post any script you have here!

And makes you walk, kill, move, Faster. This is an amazing bot working on Cmd promt When you download it extract it to desktop oped eo endles config file enter your username and password and character name and ur X Y Return back Location on the Map u leave ur char Training. Oct 17, Private Servers Post your private server here or some you think are really good!

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Sun Sep 13, 3: Sat Feb 07, 1: I hope everyone is doing well! Orcface February 19, at I changed the code so instead of trying to find and click the image, clicks on the color Mouse. Useful for drop parties, chest camping and so forth.

Hello, This is the downloads page, You'll be able to download game hacks here. Slower than HotSpot Shield but ad-free with lots of extras!

Blue Eye Macro

Knight, Reuben and Pyrofire Download: It'll mention if it's retrieving the map or pubs and so on. Did you read the name?

Ronnie December 18, at 8: Orcface December 18, at Features a ton of new hacks by Weedfanatic! So it probably comes compiled.

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