Dell installation and server management cd

If you do not want to install Server Administrator, or you want to remove the installation files, you can click the Delete Server Administrator Installation Files icon. If you decide to continue, you can select and install the software using the Custom installation. If a message appears and states that bootable drives do not exist or that an operating system was not found, then an operating system has not been installed on your system. When it is necessary to make any changes to a vendor-provided MSI package, a.

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After you uninstall Server Administrator on PowerEdge, intallation,,and systems, you may be prompted to reboot your system if you have chosen to uninstall Storage Management Service. The options displayed on your system depend on your system configuration and may not include all of those listed here.

You can accomplish this task by directly sharing the CD or by copying the entire CD to a drive and sharing the copy. This commands carries out a minor upgrade, say from version 4. During a Typical Setupyou cannot add to the list of features to install because all the features that are appropriate for the hardware configuration are preselected.

A warning message describes a condition that prevents a software product from being installed during Typical installation. The Dell OpenManage Server Administrator prerequisite status screen appears and runs the prerequisite checks for the managed station.

If you are prompted to reboot your system, you must do so in order for the uninstallation to be successful. If you click Cancel after a certain point in the installation process, the installation may not roll back properly, leaving the system with an incomplete installation. See the " Customization Parameters " section below for additional details and available feature identifications.

The utility partition provides a text-based interface from which you can run the partition's utilities. For further details see " Prerequisite Checker.

Messages give the status and progress of the software features being installed. During the upgrade, you cannot add to the list of managed system software features to install because all features appropriate for your system are pre-selected. You will return to the Custom Setup dialog box. If the CD does not automatically start the setup program, go to onstallation srvadmin folder on the CD, open the windows folder, and double-click the setup.

The setup program installs or upgrades all of the managed system software features that are appropriate for your particular system's hardware configuration. For example, if an Dll network interface card NIC is not detected on the system, you will see the following message:.

Using the Dell OpenManage Server Assistant CD : Dell PowerEdge Systems User's Guide

The Installing Dell OpenManage Server Administrator screen appears and provides the status and progress of the software features being installed. Dell OpenManage Array Manager is no longer supported. You can also choose to uninstall one or multiple features on a specific group of servers. To use one of these options, type asset and a space followed by the option.

All files that are modified by the Dell OpenManage installation actions will be restored to their original state if a rollback occurs. Unattended installation enables you simultaneously to install Server Administrator on multiple systems. The unattended installation option also provides several features that enable you to configure, verify, and view information about unattended installations.

During installation, managemebt component installs and enables its IPMI driver.

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The setup program setup. Use the Server Setup feature for most situations, including installing and reinstalling an operating system. After a successful installation finishes, Windows deletes all of the temporary backup files. If you are prompted to reboot your system, you must vd your system in order for the uninstallation to be successful. If you are prompted to reboot your system, select a reboot option:.

You can use third-party wnd software, such as Altiris Deployment Solution, to install managed systems software onto supported Dell systems. Have your operating system CD available and continue with the next steps. To accept the default directory path to install managed system software, click Next.

Utility Partition Main Menu Options. With the customization parameters, you can selectively install, reinstall, or uninstall software features for different systems using the same unattended installation package. Unattended uninstallation enables you simultaneously to uninstall managed systems software from multiple systems.

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