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ProPath Kinetic allows users to take their audience on a journey with unique movement. Premiere offers Photoshop-like detail over title text, with a vast number of fonts and adjustments like kerning, shadow, leading, tracking, stroking, and rotation, just to name a few. REC color import, edit and export. Choose to mirror the headset view in Final Cut Pro, or turn off mirroring to watch video in the headset while independently controlling a separate view on your monitor.

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Using touch gestures, you can scrub through media, mark in and out points, drag-and-drop clips onto a timeline, and make actual edits.

Basic Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 64 bit or Windows 8. Apple announced in April that there are more than 2. The ability to apply a Keying or Shape Mask directly to any effect was also introduced. It, too, supports XML import and export.

Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Apple Final Cut Pro X: What's the Difference?

Compressor adds the ability to customize output settings and perform batch output jobs. The Color Board merged with a new Color Correction effect to allow for more flexibility in stacking layers of effects.

The Library is the overarching container that includes your projects, events, and clips, and it keeps track of all your edits and options. RAW files provide maximum flexibility for adjusting the look of your video while extending brightness and shadows — an ideal combination for HDR workflows. Final Cut's output options are comparatively limited unless you add the companion application, Apple Compressor.

Import, edit, and grade pristine video with RAW data straight from your camera sensor — without slowing down your edit. Work with untouched image data directly from your camera sensor. Like most video editors these days, Premiere uses proxy views of your video content to speed up apparent performance, and I didn't encounter any lag during normal editing operations.

Final Cut Pro X - Apple

Editing, audio, motion graphics, and delivery. Take your work further. On a reasonably powerful iMac, Final Cut outpaced Premiere Pro on my rendering test with a 5-minute video composed of mixed clip types, including some 4K content.

Adobe's system also fits with some pro workflows in which the track layouts are in an expected order. With Object and Environment controls, users can customize You can use it to make adjustments as the project plays.

Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X Products from Pixel Film Studios

Both are remarkable pieces of video editing softwarebut there are important differences. Final Cut Pro finished rendering the project in 4: It's pretty neat in that you can have animations based on live actors' face and body movements.

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Speaking of the Preview window, it's very spare in the control department—there's just a play and pause option. Apple may have alienated some professionals with its imaginative rethinking of the craft of video editing, but if nothing else, it's been a boon to prosumers and home video enthusiasts. Materials like concrete, fabric, plastic, and so on can give your titles any texture you desire. Learn more about Logic Ppro. You can show or hide thumbnails, waveforms, keyframes, and FX badges.

But for 3D manipulation, you need to head to After Effects. A more powerful take on post-production. When you're done editing your movie, Premiere's Export option offers most formats fibal ever want, and for more output options you can use the Adobe Encoder, which can target Facebook, Twitter, VimeoDVD, Blu-ray, and loads of devices.

Requirements are as follows: You can get around this in Premiere, however, by using its accompanying Media Encoder app and choosing Queue in the Export dialog. Plug-ins, devices, and content to make your workflow flow.

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