Ascension 1-on-1 with the masters

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Luminarch Ascension · Masters 25 (A25) #23 · Scryfall Magic Card Search

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Anyone get to try it out yet? Why, because Ascension simply works!

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Anyone tried Ascension: 1-on-1 With The Masters yet?

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This is infact NOT a magic bullet. I got it and I must say that so far I am pretty dissapointed.

Ease of Implementation Is it practical? Here's what the Order page reads: Otherwise I wouldn't be putting my reputation on the line and recommending it to all our customers which number in the hundreds of thousands.

Needless to say, with the kind nasters value packed tight in this system, we are looking to raise the price soon — and the overwhelmingly positive response we've been getting is working to make that possibility closer and closer to reality.

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Unbreakable - The Confidence and

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