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Click here to see the details of how to start ControlCenter4. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. The ControlCenter4 window will open and also the "CC4" icon will be in the task tray. Windows 8 or later. Go to the Manuals section.

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I hope this may prove helpful.

After rebooting, that desktop shortcut you created should launch the app and display the main window. How to start ControlCenter4: Find out more Accept. To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. The third and last exe is named BrCcUxSys. Right-click the executable and choose Open File Location.

usb - How to remove unwanted printer from ControlCenter4 - Super User

The kicker is that when I accidentally close the program and reopen it later, it chooses the LAN version by default and I hit scan and have to wait for it to decide it isn't available. Click here to see the details of how to start ControlCenter4.

October 26, Is there a way to change the preferred printer or to remove the other method instead only have the USB version in the dropdown?

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ControlCenter4 has two user interfaces: Do you have "Start ControlCenter on computer startup" enabled in preferences? As the MAPI registry key is no longer updated when you set a default program, CC4 can't see the setting and throws this error.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

This might be a simpler solution if editing windows registry goes wrong. August 14, To help us improve our support, please provide your feedback below. ControlCenter4 is software that gives you quick and easy access to many functions such as Scan, Photo Print and PC-FAX of your Brother machine directly from your computer screen, and lets you configure your machine's settings easily.

In the event another Brother CC4 broher finds this thread I should add that your shortcut will not open CC4 if it hasn't already been opened at least once since booting into Windows.

How to check the ControlCenter4 version: See this old Experts-Exchange post not by me as an example. In it are 3 possible "Applications" with.

With it running in the tray, running the contol from the desktop shortcut doesn't do anything, i. Click here to see the details of how to check the ControlCenter4 version. If the process already exists, it simply shows the window as before. My husband then suggested simply going into the Start Menu's All Programs and clicking on Brother our printer.

ProcessExistBrCtrlCntr. Cebter you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: It turns out that this is because ControlCenter4 is using the default MAPI settings, not the default program setting that this app lets you configure.

Need Desktop icon to run Brother Control Center 4 (CC4 system tray program) -

New source cetner the end of the thread. After changing the Mode to Advanced your shortcut app worked perfectly. Please note this form is used for feedback only.

Please share those with me and I'll verify here. How about "Open the main window on CC startup"? If you actually cotrol CC4 and click on the Configuration button, which Mode are you using:

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