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User reviews about Grand Theft Auto 2. The game is available for free since it was released by Rockstar as a part of their Classic series. GTA2 has been completely optimized for play on modern PCs and is available gratis for all registrants to the Rockstar Games mailing list rest assured your information will not be shared with any third parties, you will only receive information from Rockstar. No one knew that it would blow up into the blockbuster videogame series that it is now.

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Once upon a time, bta GTA 3 had blessed the gaming industry with its never-before-seen 3-D open world game play, there was a game that went by the name of Grand Theft Auto Volume 2.

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Tony YT -3 points. If you lack a car game on your system then you are missing a lot. Steal automobiles, start brawls with police officers, and smash into pedestrians at full speed behind the wheel.

MyAbandonware More gat old games to download for free! While racing, you will have a chance to interact with the traffic police officer and you also have to take care f the traffic rules.

The simple controls make up for this, and Rockstar Games gets bonus points for allowing players to use a gamepad instead of a keyboard. As you explore the city, you can cause mischief and mayhem to your heart's desire.

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GTA 2 Volume 2. GTA 2 A 2D game set in a futuristic, gang-filled metropolis. See older comments Fyll review for Grand Theft Auto 2. No one knew what it would amount to. Like in the original the player goes around answering phones to initiate various missions.

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Although the Grand Theft Auto series is an extremely popular series, Grand Theft Auto Volume 2 was nothing special during the year of its release. The cars are faster. Earn your respect with each gang. Leave this field empty.

GTA 2 sticks to the basic formula of the first game. Pros -Sandbox game with plenty of freedom -Fast-paced action with missions to keep players coming back -Once pay to play, but now completely free Cons -Graphics and mechanics haven't aged well -Runs on XP 22 lower only -Doesn't differ much from the original GTA. At these phones, you'll be contacted by members of the different controlling gangs.

It is in arcade category and is available to all software users as a free download. Shaim TDM 0 point.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Free Download

Bejeweled 3 Earn points by matching pieces. GTA 2 is a fun arcade game, but more of a curiosity than a classic, as it features none of the depth or subtlety that the series went on to achieve. GTA 2 Free to Play. Now One of the best games on the industry is a freeware. Like the first volume, the players control their characters from a top-down view.

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Read our screenshot tutorial. QP Download is strongly against the piracy, we do not support any manifestation of piracy. The main reason for this is This site is not directly affiliated with Rockstar Games. It is still fun to play today, though mainly due to the freedom the 2D sandbox gives you.

The streets are busier. Reap the benefits with all manner of shady work-for-hire gigs contracted your way.

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