Guitar tuner for mobile phone

It also covers most popular stringed instruments, including guitar. The guitar tuner app for the professional and the beginner. This app also features great training modes to help develop your ear. It's simple, it's good, and it's relatively inexpensive.

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There is even a metronome with up to BPM for practicing.

Top 10 Guitar Tuning Apps

Recommended by guitar teachers. The app has some good features like auto-sensitivity settings, simple visuals, and more. That includes themes, microphone sensitivity settings, and others. The guitar tuner app for the professional and the beginner. Phlne supports the usual array of instruments, including guitar, bass, ukulele, and others. However, it's also one of the most popular guitar tuner apps. Our pick of the top 10 tuning apps available for your smartphone or tablet.

There is also a Chromatic mode for freestyle tuning if you prefer that. It also boasts above average accuracy, The interface looks nice. Clear visual feedback with signal history. Here are some more music related lists you might find useful! It's a great app for beginners and intermediates especially. Luckily there are some great free tuners out there. However, it can go the full nine yards if needed.

Here are some final recommendations for you! Additionally, the free pone only allows standard tuning. The ultimate tuner for guitar, bass, ukulele and all popular string instruments.

Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna for Android - Download

It's also free with no in-app purchases or advertisements. That has made the task much better.

It is still really good today. It's a simple tuner with a decent interface and good functionality.

The relatively inexpensive pro version does not. It features a dial-style tuner along with a bunch of customization options.

No, Not That Kind The gStrings app is one of the highest-rated Android tuner apps, clocking an impressive four-and-a-half star rating from overreviews. Phonr a break with some more guitaf app lists with some very good apps! One of the oldest uses for smartphones was using the microphone to tune your guitar. It also supports guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, cello, mandolin, piano, harp, and others. There is a free version you can try out as well.

Top 10 Guitar Tuning Apps | The HUB

The app also guirar auto-tune, advanced tuning options, and some customization options. The app is completely free with no in-app purchases. This one also has a website. The free version comes with some basic features and advertising.

For the discerning players and high-rollers of the world: That makes it excellent for beginners. It also supports guitar and bass. Oh, I do have the pitchlab app.

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