Chucky slick hockey player

He found a few friends who also rapped and they began recording in dorm rooms. A new junior hockey anthem was not needed. The impact I've had.

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Baldwin picked a beat that winter and went to work. We're filming everything from the locker rooms to the bus to the hotels to the billet houses.

It didn't change him. It was time to make a documentary.

Hockey player Charles Baldwin aka ‘Chucky Slick’ the rapper ECC - East County Californian

I'm so blessed to say I've done this. Imdieke believes Baldwin's relationship with fans is one of the aspects he has embraced most as a hockey community celebrity. I even tape the rookies when we make them sing.

Through pictures and sometimes through lyrics, Baldwin portrays himself as a bruised-up, tough, macho hockey junkie. The song, which has gained a cult following among the hockey community, has more thanhits on YouTube today.

Rink Rap: Charles Baldwin The Hockey Player Becomes Chucky Slick The YouTube Sensation

Baldwin is not your average role model. He hockdy a few friends who also rapped and they began recording in dorm rooms. In the back of his mind, Baldwin still believed hockey was in his future.

And so began the junior hockey career of the creator of the junior hockey anthem. Gongshow Gear, a hockey apparel company, called Baldwin to make him a company ambassador. There's a certain lifestyle for junior hockey. With more video, he could show them even more.

You have to realize you're a beauty. After attending camps with multiple teams, Baldwin thought he would be a Fresno Monster. He kept his hockey career and rap career apart. He found a few friends who also hhockey and they began recording in dorm rooms. He bought a chain and a backwards hat. There was no time for sleep.

He plqyer stops dreaming. He remembers he was once just a normal kid with a dream looking up to others. Baldwin improved his ability to create beats, and he started to record. After that, I was like, well, I'm kind of a rapper I guess.

A new junior hockey anthem hocket not needed. His name never showed up. Baldwin does not score the most on his team, and already at age 20, one could argue he has nearly reached his competitive hockey potential. I was like what can I do to get my name out there? He played Tier II travel ice hockey as a teenager. With the roller coaster he's ridden since age 16, he has an appreciation of life most people cannot comprehend. In June, Baldwin came out with another mixtape, "Ignorance is Bliss.

And each time, he gets back up. He kept his hockey career and rap career apart. Baldwin did not record until he felt he had reached his full potential.

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