Bass guitar lessons

By applying everything you learn to actually playing real music. Our teaching technique is insanely simple, with real results. With over half a million aspiring bass players from beginners through to full time professionals, studying his lessons every month, Scott is the most widely followed bass educator in the world. Feature packed, this system contains everything you need to get good, with no unnecessary fluff: Avoid common beginner mistakes right out of the gate.

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Shanna Reilly, Philadelphia PA. Access hundreds of hours of amazing, in-depth bass guitar lessons including hours of step-by-step instruction, live bands and much more from the biggest names in bass education.

Grab your bass, load up the lessons, play along, get good. These are a heap of fun!

Bass Guitar Lessons (Learn How to Play Bass the Easy Way)

Choose from the following two options: The better grasp you have of chord tones, the better you will understand how to connect chords and build better basslines. Our video lessons will take you step by step, from sketchy-sounding bass rookie to full-on bass badass.

Palm muting is one of the most important techniques a bass player could ever learn. Whatever your personal goals are as a bass player, mastering this skill is such an important part of your development as a musician that you simply can't go without it.

We've built a community right into the heart of SBL — connect with your peers and gain access to an incredible group of like-minded people.

Meet some of the team: It's a technique no bassist should be without. Our students are focused on getting their bass playing to the next level, but also on helping other students around them.

I believe deeply in teamwork, community, and collaboration.

All this invaluable experience has added an intimate knowledge of the music business to his already brimful mix of talents. This made him a perfect abss pig to put Beginner to Badass through its paces.

Dan had never played an instrument before. His incredible technique enables him to play bass lines and chords simultaneously, which has guitra extremely useful in both his solo and small combo work. I've got the basics down and so much more. Beginner to Badass is 30 hours of super-high-quality, super-effective video lessons, plus an essential Course Extras booklet with all the key points.

Bass Lessons

Click Here to Order. In addition to his mind-blowing technical prowess, Leswons musicianship has allowed him to fit into a diverse range of musical situations that have run the gamut from face-melting prog-metal to experimental microtonal jazz-funk.

On a deserted island, I'd go insane without music, film, my wife Lisa and son Storey. Course Resources Each course is accompanied by highly detailed workbooks including TAB and notation, and multiple backing tracks when needed.

But I have travelled to many far away places playing bass for some of the most talented musicians in the world, having the best time of my guitqr doing so. Dial in your playing and get the feel of playing with a real band. No need to practice alone. How Long to Get Good?

The visuals you provide of the beats, as well as the fret board, are really cool to make sure we are on the path to playing everything correct. The step-by-step instruction and breakdown of lessons from slow to "fast" workouts, coupled with the fact that the lessons are always taught within musical context and in a professional, easy-to-navigate format, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone interested in learning bass. I am an average bass rocker in an "old man band" as my son describes us.

Dreaming of picking up a bass and flooring everyone, but daunted by the reality of actually learning it.

Beginning walking bass lines, the 2 feel, Latin rhythms, essential walking bass vocabulary, soloing techniques, ghost notes and much more Are you ready to believe that you can really do this if you just start believing in yourself and stop wasting time in that endless circle of procrastination?!

The constant reiterations of how to play correctly make this program a huge success.

I highly recommend for beginners, or even experienced players trying to learn something new. The perfect pace for most, Beginner to Badass in just 3 months.

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