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If they were playing at the same time, we'd need to divide the frequencies between them and have one be more prominent, but if they take turns this compromise can be avoided and they both can be as loud as we want. Categories News Reviews Tutorials Interviews. Industry Focus Interviews Blog. This provides a selection of generator types including chords, arpeggios, groove and the ability to manipulate levels.

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Part of "learning" how to make a good melody is training your brain and ears to pick up on musical patterns that "sound good" for lack of a better term. First, here is the drum pattern so far, I layered three sounds to make the snare and two for the kick.

Stay in key and don't use many "chord" changes. BakaDidi 25th Oct Posting FL Studio tutorials by others or yourself is usually not spam. Submit it to the Feedback Thread!

Now that the stage is set, we'll add a synth pad pattern playing a chord progression. Technical questions are restricted. Don't try make melodies based on knowledge of theory and scales, they may sound good but won't really have that creative edge to it. One of the kick layers is a clean deep sound and the other is a higher grimy sound, note the slight pitch change I made to the "top" layer of the kick, it is raised by a semitone at one point in the pattern.

Among the additions are a filtered breakbeat, a tweaked cymbal, and a warm synth chord that occurs at the beginning and end of the chorus. Feedback Thread June There's bound to be some gold flakes in there somewhere!

You need to practice to learn. Make Your Own Music Kits.

How to Build Tracks So That Instruments Relate to Each Other

Anyway, this might help, it might not, but it works for me so it might also work for you This is inspired by the "A A A Melodjes theme we've had in the song so far.

The Pad covers a lot of musical ground so in order to avoid having conflicting notes I'm going to use the notes from the Pad pattern as a guide for the synth pattern. ANtrap 26th Oct A link to an article or a video would be nice http: Once you get better with general theory, you should look into the idea of counterpoint, it's invaluable syudio making a nice coherent piece of music he says as though he's actually good at it.

Maybe I see the border and try to press one part of the melody into those 12 steps instead of making one part of the melody longer. No verbal abuse of any kind. If you use any of these melody loops please leave your stjdio. Check my profile for more!

Does anyone know what I should do to make better melodies : FL_Studio

Looking for something to help kick start your next project? So on the fourth and eighth bar of this new lead pattern, I'm going to stack it with notes an octave higher. Submit a new text tsudio. OwnTempo 23rd Oct Didn't live up to the expectations, but i still think it's lit.

8 Expert Tips for Programming in FL Studio : tgeo.pro

If stuxio then put all the notes onto 1 note you can then listen and move the notes around till you hear something you like the sound of. If you're here, chances are you've heard of other similar reddits, but in case you haven't, check these out. Anyway, this isn't necessarily the key to coming up with great melodies but it's invaluable for understanding how to get what you envision out so yeah, seconded.

I'm doing this because FL Studio has a feature that allows you see notes that are in other Piano Rolls, if the note data is in the same "pattern". The changes are noted in the image below:.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Setting the Framework - Drums and Bass First, here is the drum pattern so far, I layered three sounds to make the snare and two for the kick.

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