Conquer online 3

Please check out the details below. It's possible to hover in the sky and command the world with the aid of wings. And the Top 8 heroes on the rank have been revealed, please check out the details below. Want an awesome gift from her?

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Here is the code for you: And we have updated the information about the new expanion, let's check it out.

You will also stand out and manifest your uniqueness. And the Top 8 heroes on the rank have been revealed, please check out the details below. I dunno if the end game got better or not but I felt my Trojan wasn't competitive and unable to get the amounts of meteors and stuff they could get without paying none of us ever paid.

Graphics Got Enhanced for Conquer Online 3? - General Discussion - Giant Bomb

The Ojline War finally hits CO land after a long wait. He will fight with you in the CO land in a brand-new way. You will fight with ease in the battlefield with the aid of it. Pirates will finally have their Epic Weapons and Epic Skills! We're glad to announce that Patch has been released on October 13th.

Heroes can exchange for up to CP in this event. Your answer is correct!

First Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Next Last. Your answer is wrong.

Check out what you can get from the packs below. Witch Aileen loves this city! They can not only lift your attributes, but provide you with super cool looking! Features 9 Walkthrough 6 Story 1.

Graphics Got Enhanced for Conquer Online 3?

If your rebirth status changed after you claimed the pack, the reward will not change. Would you like to fight with heroes from other servers? In the fight against the invasion, he made a wrong command and lost the Heart of the Sea, which led to the drowning of the Para Island. Is it new Twin City? Phr4nk0 Follow Forum Posts: You can find all the related information here. Some players report that they did not get double reward for Skill Team PK on October 17th, it is because the double reward only works on October 17th, and we have changed it so players can claim double rewards from mail system before October 24th.

Conquer 3.0, New Adventure, New Challenge!

Please check out the details below. I found this news from N4G.

Please claim the rewards in time. When it was occupied by the Devil army, the death-row prisoners turned onlline the Devil, and now start a riot.

The Surging Pirates Expansion will be released on April 12th. You will need sharp and refined weapons to meet new challenges. I played Conquer a while ohline, it was ok for a while but like all MMO's I lose interest after 2 to 3 months. He will increase your attributes and put all to rout wherever you go. The 20th Super Guild War is coming! Non-Reborn Players, 1st Rebirth Players and 2nd Rebirth Players will get respective rewards, check out what you can get when opening the pack below.

They were killing obline in one click where I had to click each one.

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