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XE Currency Pro Free 8. If you are looking for something easy to use, get it. It is also easily customized to handle whatever unit of measurement or currency is needed to be converted.

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Find a currency quickly by searching on the country name or by the currency sign, symbol or name. You can update the app anytime and anywhere.

However, the app works offline with the last rate update it received. Exchange rates are allowed to be adjusted to acclimatize custom calculations. Convert Pad is applicaion useful app — this time more than just for businessmen. My Currency Pro has an attractive interface and allows you to set a home screen widget to keep you up-to-date with live exchange rates.

Plus, traders specializing in international trade may need an instant update wherever they may be. So, you can select any of these apps to start learning more about them.

The upside is that it will work with any low quality smartphone with its basic system requirements. If you just want to keep an eye on the rates, the app is for you.

You can search function to add quickly a new currency. Definitely a boon for any traveler or trader.

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A free app, Mobile Converter is another simple currency converter. More a unit converter, it specializes in converting one unit to another, whatever sort of measurement it is. This app not only provides live exchange rates and charts, you can also set an XE Rate Alert to monitor your favorite currencies for immediate notification.

Constantly updated every time the app is started, it has access to world currencies and can handle their conversion. Travel Exchange Rate Free 8.

Best Currency Converter Apps for Android 2018

Living the life of the jet-set can be a bit confusing. Whether it is for paying travel expenses or making a deal, foreign transactions need to double check for an accurate conversion into the local exchange.

Features custom exchange rate setting. Users can even define their own units of measurement for conversion.

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Updates are needed to keep the currehcy rates in line with the market, but they can be automatically scheduled or even manually initiated. With more than currencies, My Currency Pro shows you live exchange rates and put the whole world convrrter your palm.

The app works as a Unit converter, currency converter and a currency and unit calculator. It offers live proprietary currency rates and stocks the last updated rates. It comes with an option to convert more than currencies. Charts that trace daily, monthly and yearly trends are also provided by this app. Users can have dependable to such information via the use of the XE currency app. Multiple conversions are available as well as over 60 currencies from all over the world.

First is that it can operate in offline mode — to save on the bandwidth time. Users can even have all such data tracked real-time!

The app offers to compare ten currencies at once and supports precious metal. A simple and easy to use app, it is a very basic app.

All currency converter apps work almost the same way. XE Currency is a popular foreign exchange rate monitoring app that is used highly among tourists and dealers.

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