Archer step 3 lectures

These streaming video lectures are the recordings of our live webinar sessions. Archer review focuses on key strategies that are necessary to excel on Step 3. I got a highest star performance on the CCS. First let me say that I did not really do any Kaplan reviews, despite following them for step 2ck and step 1 because of most people on this forum did not recommend Kaplan for step 3. Live review needs to be attended at a designated time.

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If you are jumping from one course to another, you get confused. Are they similar to your live reviews? Integrating CCS and theory questions, attempting question banks only after getting adequate knowledge in theory and continuous practice are very important to do well.

Join Our Mailing List! Yes, you will be provided with relevant Archer USMLE Step 3 notes by e-mail once you purchase the streaming video for a particular topic or for the entire review. It is difficult in this country when you have no money in the bank. Having been impressed with archer course, i attended their ccs workshop in the end of june and then worked on UW.

I took their samples first, liked the lecture and signed up for the whole course. Thank you for contacting.

Step3 - Archer Review

Not a member yet? Follow-ups of office and ER cases 6.

Instead of 9 cases of 25 minutes each, examinees will have 12 cases a combination of 20 minute and 10 minute cases. What are these Video Lectures?

The lectures that are currently available via.

Archrr are exactly similar to our live review in that you can see both the powerpoint presentation a capture of the instructor's desktop screen arrcher well as listen to the audio in conjunction with the powerpoint presentation.

Some of these questions are freely accessible through our free blogs www. This allows to rewind and replay certain portions of the lecture if you wish. What are the benefits of Pay-Per-View over the Live review?

246/99 passed step 3

Yes, please contact us if you wish to watch two one hour samples. First let me say that I did not really do any Kaplan reviews, archsr following them for step 2ck and step 1 because of most people on this forum did not recommend Kaplan for step 3. Thousands of Step 3 aspirants have benefited from these courses. Your performance scores are compared with other participants to identify areas for improvement.

Efficient use of time, doing more stuff without advancing the clock. Watch time is the amount time you are provided to watch the lecture. Follow-ups of office and ER cases. Then I saw many people recommending Archer's review course.

I felt another queston bank or a course would have been redundant. There is no such possibility via. I am a foreign medical graduate, born in ledtures a financially poor background and came to the USA with few pennies in my hand.

I really want to attend your CCS Workshop but the date you have on your website does not suit my schedule.

Archer USMLE Step 3 CCS Workshop - August

Is Pay-Per-View more expensive than lectutes review? CCS is the best of step 3 and i think this is a great thing not only for step 3 but it is also a program that makes us a better clinician also. 33 listened to archer recorded workshops 1 week before the exam. These lectures dissect the concept and present you the most simplified approach to answer the multiple choice questions. I repeated UW once again for the next one month. Make Test Prep Fun Again.

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