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In our task, the N is 1, National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Table 2 shows that a large number of terms are added at this stage. Moreover, the snippet analysis is not effective for terms that rarely occur on the Web.

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The record is to be used in the final phase of filtering out noise. For each term, we keep the record of which candidate lists the term comes from. Proceedings of the ACL conference on Empirical methods in natural language processing.

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While sophisticated algorithms have been developed for medical record processing, a lack of a large collection of terms that occur in actual medical reports is one of the major obstacles for these algorithms being deployed in the real world. We add all terms on these lists to the term collections.

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As shown in Table 4the combined method has proven to be the most effective for Dictionart. For abbreviations, which are common in English medical records and usually cannot be translated by machine translation tools, we refer to Wikipedia disambiguation pages to get full names of the abbreviations. Particularly, in the case of medication cinese, the experimental results Table 4 show that our proposed methods both baseline and the weighted algorithm have a better or at medlcal a comparable performance compared to DrugBank, which means a large number of entries in DrugBank have already been included in the expanded dictionary and will serve as seed entries for follow-up iterations.

We have a set of discharge summaries in Chinese. Conceived and designed the experiments: These differences show some differences in term formation of the two languages, which we will discuss in the next section. Our methods need a set of seed terms to start with. Table 3 shows the number of terms collected, the number of candidates removed as non-term, err, and the processing time required Processor: Google translation [26] and Engkoo [27] to provide the first draft of translation, and then we verify ditionary adjust them manually.

These structures have proven to be chinse useful for identifying terms that rarely appear on the Web as a whole. Tseng H Semantic classification of Chinese unknown words. Candidate entries of the lowest score are directly deleted without the snippet processing.

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A snippet of an entry returned by a search engine consists of the title, URL, and a short context for the page in which the query term appears. The same tendency in Recall has been observed for Chinese.

Have a look at what's going onor search for something specific. This fact reflects the high productivity shown in medical terms. While relevant to our work, these studies focused on ontology acquisition and entity information enrichment. The latter has proven to be more effective and efficient since it can deal with a term whose frequency on the Web is rather victionary.

Bing Search for the first challenge.

A Chinese-English Phrasebook for English-Speaking Medical Students

Therefore, we collect all text nodes with the same tag-class paths into one candidate list. The parameter c is set to the value such that In our algorithm, l p is set to 5 for Chinese and 2 for English. The terms are classified into the medcal semantic categories, Medical Problems, Medications, and Medical Tests, which were used in i2b2 challenge tasks.

Reference collections of drug names To test the coverage of collections of drugs produced by our proposed method, we use two reference drug name collections: In this section, we introduce the reference corpus for evaluation, evaluation methods, and performance for extracted thesauruses. The definition of error is given in Equation One of the foci in this study is how to discard non-terms from a vast number of candidates gathered from the Web.

For each candidate term, if at least one snippet extracted for the term contains a chosen pattern N-gramthe corresponding feature is set to 1. The f function that measures the fitness of an average length is shown in Eq. The terms in these collections are classified as either of Medical Problems, Medications, or Medical Tests in the i2b2 challenge tasks.

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