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When the contact accepts your request they will be added to your contact list Sending Messages. To create a group, tap the Groups icon on the bottom of the screen Tap the overflow icon 3 dots then choose Create New Group Enter a group name, photo and description. With the option to broadcast messages, you can easily send a message to several BBM contacts simultaneously.

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Are you using BBM Desktop?

BBM for Android - Download

If the latter were only able to use the application with those friends who own a BlackBerry, they might not have had many contacts on their BBM list. Broadcast Message To send a broadcast message to all of your contacts, tap the overflow icon 3 dots then choose Broadcast Message. Last time we checked, most folks in our poll weren't using the BBM Desktop feature but a new beta has now hit the Google Play Ajdroid, that makes it a bit more useful all around. Keep reading for a full walkthrough of using BBM on your Android device.

Set how long contacts have access to messages and pictures shared in a chat before it disappears from the screen. Support for Android 2.

Getting up and running with BBM on your Android device is easy, but if you're having trouble we're here to help. With BBID's no longer able to be moved between the BlackBerry 10 and Android and iOS and back again, a workaround solution for contacts had to be created and is now appearing in the latest BBM beta along with a few other changes. You can even be in a group with people who aren't part of your own BBM contact list. Was it easy to use?

BlackBerry Messenger was launched on August 1, See more software for Messenger. As part of their ongoing efforts to expand their audience, BBM has now brought DiscoverTV to 28 more markets globally after their initial rollout in South Africa and Nigeria last year.

Date 1 blakberry and 5 blacjberry ago. Blackberry Messenger, now fully available for your Android device. Software suppliers and distributors.

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It also informs you as soon as your messages have been received and read by your contacts. Don't leave without your download! From here use the overflow menu 3 dots to change settings, invite contacts, add photos, add lists, add events and more.

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WhatsApp Messenger Send free text, audio and video messegner from your Android phone. Bla1ze 6 months ago The enterprise version, BBM Protected, initially scored 3 out of 7 points, but this was updated to 5 out of 7 points after additional information was provided by BlackBerry and reflected in the EFF changelog dated November 14, Hangouts Google's complete messaging app.

How to use BBM for Android

Download free Safe download 0 downloads last 7 days. It was also announced that the app would require Android versions not older than 4. Free Open Source Download.

End users have long enjoyed helpful features such as notifications which show if a message was successfully sent, if it was read, and if the other party is currently typing a response.

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Works with Android 4. Change the appearance of your SMS manager and send free messages to all of your contacts through your Internet connection. You can disable this setting, however this will keep BBM in the background and you may miss messages at times, so it's best to just deal with it and keep it in the foreground.

Chat and Share with many at once:

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