Bhagavad gita stephen mitchell

The whole world becomes a slave to its own activity, Arjuna; if you want to be truly free, perform all actions as worship. Recommended for libraries whose patrons show strong interest in non-Western religious traditions. Relinquishing all your duties, take refuge in me alone. Any offering — a leaf, a flower or fruit, a cup of water — I will accept it if given with a loving heart. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

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Devoted to him, Arjuna, take refuge in him alone; by his kindness, you will attain the state of imperishable peace. His celebrated version of the Tao Te Ching is the most popular edition in print, and his translations of Jesus, Rilke, Genesis, and Job have won the hearts of readers mitfhell critics alike.

Quotes: Bhagavad Gita (Stephen Mitchell)

Absolute Freedom Freedom is union with the deathless; the Self is the essence of all things; its creative power, called action, causes the whole world to be. And do not be attached to inaction. The resolute in yoga surrender results, and gain perfect peace; the irresolute, attached to results, are bound by everything they do.

When these three levels of control are practices with faith and diligence and with no desire for results, such control is called sattvic. In this way you will be freed from all the results of your actions, good or harmful; unfettered, untroubled, you will come to me.

Knowledge, the known, and the knower are the three things that motivate action; instrument, action, and agent are the three components of action.

Honouring the gods, the priests, the teachers and sages, purity, nonviolence, chastity, uprightness — all this is control of the body.

Quotes: Bhagavad Gita (Stephen Mitchell)

Self-possessed, resolute, act without any thought of results, open to success or failure. I have no more doubts; I will act according to your command. They are gathered back into my womb at the end of the cosmic cycle — a hundred fifty thousand billion of your earthly years —.

Their hopes and actions are vain, their knowledge miitchell sheer delusion; turning from the light, they fall into cruelty, selfishness, greed.

Bhagavad Gita

I am the beginning and the end, origin and dissolution, refuge, home, true lover, womb and imperishable seed. Have my words now driven away your ignorance and delusion? If even this is beyond you, rely on my basic teaching; act always without attachment, surrendering your actions fruits. Worshiping the gods, men go to the gods; worshiping spirits, to the spirits; worshiping me, they come to me in the end.

Worship that is offered according to scripture, for the sake of the worship, without any thought of reward- this kind of worship is sattvic.

Also by Stephen Mitchell.

Bhagavad Gita – Stephen Mitchell

Foods that the mitcjell are drawn to promote vitality, health, pleasure, strength, and long life, and are fresh, firm, succulent, and tasty. As unnecessary as a well is to a village on the banks of a river, so unnecessary are all scriptures to someone who has seen the truth. How much easier then for ordinary people, or for those with pure hearts.

Serenity, gentleness, silence, benevolence, self-restraint, purity of being, compassion — this is control of mind. The unswerving will that controls the functions of mind, breath, senses by the practice of meditation steohen this kind of will is sattvic.

All beings exist within me, yet I am so inconceivably vast, so beyond existence, that though they are brought forth and sustained by my limitless power, I am not confined within them. Read it Forward Read it first.

It is the core text of the Hindu tradition and has been treasured by American writers from Emerson and Thoreau to T. Recommended for libraries whose patrons show strong interest in non-Western religious traditions.

He who neither disturbs the world nor is disturbed by it, who is free of all joy, fear, envy — that man is the one I love best.

The Yoga of Meditation The man who sees me in everything and everything within me will not be lost to me, nor will I ever be lost to him. The man who sees me in everything and everything within me will not be lost to me, nor will I ever be lost to him. Serene in this state of freedom, beyond desire and sorrow, seeing all beings as equal, he attains true devotion to me.

Take the following verse, as an example: The Cosmic Vision Look: Dignity, kindness, courage, a benevolent, loving heart — these are the qualities of men born with divine traits, Arjuna. Speaking the truth with kindness, honesty that causes no pain, and the recitation of scripture — this is control of speech.

Rajastic happiness comes from contact between the senses and their objects, and is bhafavad first like nectar, but at last like poison.

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